The Igbo Village in America: See the village Ndi Igbo Built a Village with Mud and Thatch in Virginia, USA.

The Igbo Village in America: Ndi Igbo Built a Village with Mud and Thatch in Virginia, USA.

The Igbo are well traveled and always making impacts wherever they find themselves. The Igbo Farm Village in the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton Virginia was built collectively as children and adults jointly partook in the construction.

This is one of the five farmsteads to recognize contribution of the first old world immigrants to the development of Virginia and the greater American Frontier Culture.

In 2002, after the American Frontier Culture Foundations has funded the construction of the English, Irish, German and Colonial American Farms, the staff of the Frontier Culture Museum began to consider one that will represent West Africa's people and culture.

In 2003, after hearing of Prof. Akụma's research which he retraced the slave journeys from Arọchukwu to the Costal towns of Calabar and Bonny before they were forced to the Americas, the Frontier Museum contacted him. It is observed that in 1700, the major number of African slaves in America were the Igbo. Because of this, this Museum would no longer be called West Africa Farm Village but, Igbo Farm Village.

In March 2006 American Frontier Culture Museum Staff traveled to Nigeria and together with the staff of Nigerian National Commission for Museums and Monuments gathered information on traditional Igbo architecture. Containers full of traditional building materials were shipped from Nigeria to the United States for the Construction of the Igbo Farm Village. Throughout the construction periods, volunteers came from the Chicago areas, Washington DC, Nashville, Bowling Green, Kentucky; Orlando, New Jersey, California, etc.

After construction, the Igbo from different parts of the world gather here on vacations, celebrations and remembrance of their cultural identities and histories. The Igbo born and bred in the States who never experienced masquerades and what village looks like feel at home here. Some African Americans constantly visit here, conduct their DNA and discover their Igbo ancestry.


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