Volunteers to be infected with corrona virus for £3,500 in a bid to find cure.

The alarm has been sounded for volunteers who would be infected with corrona virus to help find cure for the global pandemic which has befallen man kind for a reward of 1.7 million Naira.

This came as an emergency response strategy to the virus or rather a way to fastrack the process of finding a cure . Truly mankind needs not be wiped out from the surface of the earth by this faceless virus which is why this health organizations grant is coming to volunteers who would be infected with the virus to help find it's cure.

So my question is Would you accept N1.7 million naira to get injected with corina virus, Under close watch?

The antibodies you produce can be used for further studies.

U have a 98% chance of surviving. 

How sure are you even that you would survive as promised. 

Shouldn't the already infected people be used for studies?


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