Catholic Bishop chases worshippers out of Church for not wearing mask

Despite the wide and rapid spread of the corona virus, many people seem to be very reluctant in following the guidelines issued by the government and health experts to help curb the spread of the COVID19. gathered that the Catholic Bishop who precides over Enugu Diocese, named Most Rev. Callistus Onaga was in hot rage on Sunday and as a result, chased out all of the catholic worshipers who were defiling the face masks preventive measures against the virus, by not wearing it at the time of the Holy Mass which was supposed to mark the celebration of the World Communications Day 2020.

The Bishop showed deep concern and regret about the fact that so many Nigerian citizens, and of course especially the ones residing in Enugu State, decided not to put on their face masks and wondered why the people were all in the deadly act of violating all the preventive measures that has been put in place by health authorities to help contain the wild spread of the pandemic that has already killed over 350,000 people world wide.

The Bishop in his sermon charged the media houses to keep educating people about the virus in their various little ways to help the preventive information to keep thriving.


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