POEM: Ryhmes For Christmas 2016

I thought about so many things and i just realized my life would be miserable and a waste without him..... 
 His birth gave me a REASON to smile in this SEASON when the sun in the sky has RISEN to bring laughter to every home and add to their meal a SEASONING,
 I wish a MERRY Christmas to all my Loved ones, Not because my Ex is MARY, but because i don't want you to make a diary that is SCARY 
I wish all your heart DESIRE comes true and that your MESSIAH comes too, bringing ur heart, carols from the Lords CHOIR
 I should make for every maiden a love poem, I should sing for every child a Love song, but this day has given to itself splendor and nice aroma in place of Odor.
 Merry Christmas Pals expect more poems.......
Author: Mr Awesome


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