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Uniben Student Cries out..
Maimuna Mimi oshogwemoh

Another Uniben creative writer has kicked hard against jungle justice with the ink in her creative pen,
 This menace has taken over the society of today, below is a piece of work from mimi

Jungle justice
Savages replaced with human
When his body parts
Was been cut like aboki
Cutting nama"meat"
For suya
He was beaten brutally
Even a cow wouldn't agree
To be beaten like that
They said he stole
And as usual
They rushed him
Like files rush
For fresh wounds
How many of u can say u haven't stolen
I mean
All those meats from
Mummy's delicious stew
She didn't brutally beat u
Or cut u up
Like suya
Y'all savages
Raised in the jungle
What if the thief
Wasn't DA thief
Today the biggest thieves
Wear suits with killer Italian shoes
Agbada with pot bellies
No one cuts them
Or roasts them
Like tilapia
Instead of y'all been savages
Check the reason why the thief stole

Author: Maimuna Mimi oshogwemoh
In Africa today,  we praise the real thieves and murder in cold blood the beggers


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