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*Shocking things you never knew the director of welfare  PC) committed*

*Mr Awesome's Blog Reporting...*
More Gists arising
from IMSU SUG/Senate sitting
The Dir. Of welfare PC, was charged with financial crimes which included gross misconduct and embezzlement of a yet to be verified amount of money realised by his office through the funds collected from Matric (Stickers, and tickets), food vendors and etc, and only remitted once which was'nt upto half of the total fund, and that was against the constitution..
He was also accused and confirmed guilty of insulting the senate on social media platforms.
The *Controversial Dir. Of welfare (PC) and Sen.Njemanze* from mass comm dept. told Mr *Awesome's Blog and Austine Raymond* that all which was displayed by the senate house was a public display of pre-rehearsed drama against him, and therefore denied indulgence in the act
*( _sen Njemanze said something about_ _who and who ate and didn't eat the money as he_percieved and thevideo will reveal it soon_ )*
*Mr Awesome's Blog Reporting...*
*Senator charles njeribe* moved the motion for indefinite suspension of the Director of welfare, seconded by *senator Stella* and the I's Had it..
He was found guilt of all charges and therefore was indefinitely suspended..

*Mr Awesome's Blog Reporting...*

This information stands to be questioned and corrected, It shouldn't tarnish the individuals image at it is based on existing matters not fully verified. 


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