How to Survive in Imo State University (IMSU) _ Mr Awesome.

Imo state University is a university filled with challenges and life threatening situations here and there probably known or unknown to you. 
Here I'll be sharing few tips on how to survive as an Average student from any family background in IMSU without stress

2) Forget Nasu Canteen : As an average student who probably gets a feeding allowance of about 5 to 7k and is expected to spend on other miscellaneous like airtime, emergency t-fair, etc. I don't advice you to maintain close relationship with any canteen within school especially nasu canteen and bongo square + their likes, here's my reason
If you choose to spend  250-350-400 everyday on just lunch at the canteen, you'll be spending an average of 6000-9000 every month and about 2000 to 3000 to on just lunch every week and i think it's a whole lot of money for a student who mom and dad expects to manage.
3) Cook more than you take snacks:  students actually think snacks are cheaper than good food, but that is a blatant lie, let's prove it... If you feel too lazy to cook always and depend on soft drinks and gala or doughnuts which currently cost a total of 150 to 200 naira, you'll be spending more because you'll definitely get hungry again few minutes after you eat such + you'll be at risk of sugar and other unwanted materials in the body, but when you can always cook a students soup or stew with about 1k to 1.5k naira to  you can manage it for the next few days and if you've got a refrigerator, you have a week or more on stake. Be wise

4) Avoid too much party/ Clubbing : Hence you school at Imo state university, you are bound to be grounded with clubs and parties now and then, which actually are part of being a youth and a student, but when this things get too much in to your head, you might need to be watching out for them. reasons being that these places expose you to higher level of risk and misbehavior which you might never forget, plus these places also sucks your purse dry unconsciously. Party but dont party hard
5) Do not belong to any secret cult or fly colours : To survive in Imo state university, you need to know the group you join, abstain from any group that will bring up violence at any point in time, you might not return with your life, heads have rolled, make your researchers, men have fallen in Imsu, learn from the experienced. Also avoid wearing colours like red and black, black and yellow, blue and blue, red on red or yellow on yellow plus Barrets, they belong to different cult groups and they won't spare you when you fly their camouflage without respect just like the army.
 avoid situations that will result to exchange of words or hate speeches which might result to a physical fight, if caught, you might get expelled or made to pay a huge ransom,  another reason being that you might be fighting the wrong guy and regret your actions forever that's if you will be there to.

7) Avoid examination malpractice : Imo State University has placed a very high degree of dislike on examination malpractice, and to that effect, any student caught in the act is bound to be expelled unless God intervenes, read to know, it is for your own good

8) Avoid unhealthy relationships: IMSU has the highest number of handsome guys and hot girls in Imo State and entire eastern region of Nigeria in West Africa , but don't get carried away by what you see, you might regret getting involved in a relationship with these young people, some relationships end up being parasitic where all that matters is your money or time(for guys) or your b*obs and sex ( for girls) plus most campus relationships are abusive they'll affect your emotions, academics and finance, abstain...

1) Prayer : listed last but actually the first thing in check. The first habit any student of any university should learn is prayer before and after school activities, It keeps you in fellowship with the creator, IMO state university has made provisions for different fellowships to be present on  campus find one and worship God in your youth, you might get a chance to change lives.
Of the greatest Nigerian Students!!!
Written by Mr Awesome


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