Worship Africa IMSU 2Days to Go

*Storming IMSU Live on Thursday 22nd June 2017*
Do you love good music?
Do you wanna hear sounds and voices that will melt your spirit?

Do you want a chance to express your self and feel the impact for decades?
Congrats, the opportunity you've been waiting for has finally come
IMSU did not see this one coming
Its massive, it's powerful, its Awesome.
 *Worship Africa Music Conference* is here at your door step
It is happening live in Imo State University @Law Theatre/Hall opposite Catholic Church IMSU. Time is *3pm*
No gate fee is required, come with your friends and any one you care about
It's going to be explosive, Its a once in a life time experience, don't miss and be told the story.
Walls of IMSU will be shaken with Good spirit lifting Music @ *Worship Africa* Thursday 22nd June 2017 @ Law Theatre opposite Catholic Church IMSU
Come with passion
Come with your burden and let it go
Come with your broken heart
You'll Experience
Miracles&Healing power of good Music
*Mr Awesome's Blog*


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