Shock! Daddy G.O strikes woman with blindness for witchcraft(See Video)

This shocker happened recently and it's turning every mouth open.
 Pastor Chidi Okafor who is The General Overseer  of Mountain of Liberation and miracle ministry cursed a sixty-
five-year old woman to go blind for being involved in witchcraft.
This happened during a deliverance session of the ministry.
The pastor confirmed God ministered to him concerning a young lady called blessing who has allegedly being suffering from the issue of blood for the past six months without remedy.
Pastor okafor said God also has said that the woman who inflicted her with the ailment was her mother who also was present in the place.

Quickly as she was mentioned Mrs dorcas denied the allegation of inflicting her own daughter with such sickness.

Provoked and angry at her denial, just like a nollywood drama,  pastor okafor cursed her with the power of God to go blind for ten minutes.

Suddenly, Mrs Dorcas lost her sight in a split seconds and had no option but to confess and accept her wickedness, after which  Daddy G.O prayed and she regained her sight.
Fear God.
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See video below
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