Shocking! Ibo IPOB Agitators worships NNAMDI KANU as a Deity and Fights Mr Awesome's Blog for trying to make a point on facebook

War against Mr Awesome's Blog from the BIAFRAN agitators has gotten to its peak recently after I posted a very crystal clear truth about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's worship of ancestral forefathers at OBU-GAD in Aguleri Anambra State and the on going tussle for separation from the Nigerian Nation.
Diverse reactions came afterwards and currently, over 98,000 people have been reached and reacting with hate speaches and threats. 

Now i think this shows the height of hate and violence in the heart of ndi igbo. I wonder how this much desired nation will survive with terrible humans here and there ready to kill and destroy.
I am a full fleshed igbo Indigene which is contrary to the Zoo or Hausa man they've tagged me.

Judging from all indications, i think that the Ibos are slowly turning nnamdi kanu In to their god, deity, oracle and Idol. They've clearly shown more  regard for him than the Biafra Land we all claim we need and even over Jesus Christ and God himself.
From the comments on Facebook, they called Jesus a white man image and not real.
To be frank, I am not against the BIAFRA dream, I'm just skeptical about the whole thing and I pray that since its still a dream, God should wake you all up @My Ibo brothers.
If we want to live in BIAFRA with this kind of violent and blood shedding spirit, then I don't think it's worth fighting for.

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