Shocking! See the Disgrace North Korea gave to Buhari, and kicked him out (According to their tweet)

Democratic republic of Korea twitted few days back that buhari has been ejected from  Pyongyang metropol hotel for holding a loud and annoying party and verbally abusing the chamber maids. 

Mmhnn you might be as shocked as I am. Below is the official twitter handle of democratic republic of Korea.
How could the President we all are anticipating and praying for, be in Korea throwing parties and disgracing our nation if the tweet is true.
Upon that, a twitter user calls Buhari a thief that would steal his property. Very disheartening
"Replying to @DPRK_News
Sir, I am the exiled crown prince of Nigeria. I seek your assistance in moving my inheritance out of Nigeria lest Muhammadu Buhari steals it"
God help Nigeria


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