Things you never knew about Miss IMSU and Mr Awesome

Actually, following the release of some pictures having Mr Awesome and Marian ( Miss IMSU) there's been several thoughts and questions about the two and their sudden closeness.

Actually The truth is that there are still things you do not know about the two, at the end of this write up, hopefully you'll come to light.

Mr Awesome and Miss IMSU love one thing in common, (Taking Pictures):

Marian being a model and I being a photograph lover, brought some sort of fun and closeness owing to the fact that she's photogenic and I love snapping too.

I love songs and she is a good Singer : Marian is one of the finest singers I've met in Imo State University. She has harmony in her voice.

Marian is a Naughty. Girl Lol! : well Miss IMSU is fun for me to hang out with because she is free with conversations anytime, any Day and Any how

Mr Awesome and Miss Imo State University are Course mates : now this is where I'll clear the air, the main base for our closeness is that we are Course mates. We study in the same lecture room and do academic stuffs together.


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