Young Guy paraded Naked for wickedly defiling a 5 Year Old Girl (photos) _ Mr Awesome's Blog


This ungodly story was told on facebook, though where it happened was not indicated but I was made to understand that this young man was involved in the act of consciously defiling a 5 year old girl.

This was noticed when the girl frequently complained to her parents about having pain in that area, and when she was further questioned, the reported that the alleged man touches that area.

On hearing that, the young guy was immediately arrested and taken for a walk. Or parade. 

It's all about mindset, and reorientation, may be the story is true, maybe it's faked. But this guy should have known that he can become a different person without stress, and paraded for something better. 
I pray for him, that he bumps in to the Holy spirit real quick and get a better life called ZOE that only God can give.Amen 


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