Young Man to serve 16 Years jail term For killing 16 Cats And having sexual abuse on One


  Jack Farmer a retired San Jose police Captain, is in a state of dilemma as his son Robert R. Farmer has been legally sentenced to a jail term of 16 years in for making lifeless, 16 cute cats he  had abducted from a neighborhood of residence. Prosecutors unveiled in 2016 that Robert R. Farmer abducted his victims from a  tranquil residential  neighborhood in San Jose and made them lifeless, though only 4 of the bodies were seen.

Robert R. Farmer was apprehended after police officers found him asleep in the car with the dead body of a female cat.
necropsy carrided out on it had revealed that it had been abused sexually. 

sentencing a human for 16 years in prison for killing CATS is what some people has seen as uncalled for considering the value difference placed on us by God himself. 
Someone reacting to the case said: "The punishment is too severe for the crime. After all, they were just cats. However, the young man should be watched, as his behavior is a precursor to being a human serial killer. They usually have a history of animal cruelty. The man is likely a psychopath with a high tendency towards sadism."


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