Nawa O, Thiefs make an underground road to Rob a Boutique in Delta State.| Mr Awesome's Blog

Has The Rate of poverty in Nigeria become this alarming? Or are there bunch of Lazy guys everywhere looking for whom to devour than go out and hustle?

This news made me wonder, is this laziness or foolishness,? How would someone put in so much energy and stress for hours, only to steal from a shop that makes less than a hundred thousand naira daily? When he can actually put in same strenght in another decent labour and get better pay package with pride and joy of working for it. There are construction sites out there looking for workers/Labourers and someone just spent so much energy just stealing from a minor boutique.
Eye witness reports say the buglars pepetrated their evil action very late at night at Sapele in Delta State.
They made away with items like Shirts, Perfumes, Jean trousers, and shoes, at this point, there is no report of their arrest or traces of suspects. What a desperate Bunch of Hoodlums
Young men need to catch a vision and engage themselves in Hard work. Anyways, God still Loves them and Jesus Is still Calling out to them for a better life and Eternal Experience in the Kingdom Way


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