See people in great shock after a woman allegedly gave birth to a real tortoise(Photos)

This one has gone viral online and everyone is shaking their head In shock and unbelief. 
This shocker happened on Thursday evening. A Nigerian woman caused  a crowd stare after she
allegedly put to bed in public a real tortoise at Eleme market, River state. This event was really a shocking one that depicts demonic oppression in a very high level and it's for issues like this that people are advised to Carry God's presence and burn with fire to overcome satanic wiles and activities. If only she understood that she was the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, such stories wouldn't be heard of.
Anyway End of time has come knocking. Find God now.
The people who shared this online did not confirmed to Mr Awesome's Blog  if she received immediate medical attention.
Wonders shall truly never end


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