Nigerian Lady Lets out a cry as Lagos State Police personel continue to detain her brother for not being able to comply with 500 Thousand naira bail charge| Mr Awesome's Blog

A lady has gone to a social media platform to let out a cry over illegal and continued unwarranted detention of her own brother in a Lagos state police station for not being able to pay N500,000 as bail charge, contrary to claims by the force that Bail is totally Free

In Her post, she further complained that ACP, interpol, Alagbon and DCP have heard of the ugly illegal incident, but has allegedly refused to Step into the matter and intervene. In the photo is her post:

Mr Awesome's Blog editor after reviewing this complain has there for put out efforts to inform the public who can inform the publics who will further inform another public that will get this issue to the right authorities, remember, Your Bail is FREE but Hold something for appreciation for the boys. LOL, this is not Mr Awesome's Hand writting O!


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