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Why you shouldnt be a male Model

How to Be a Modelling CEO

Young people and crazy Dreams.

Author : Mr Awesome

How can a young man of about 25years old be pursuing a Career in modeling, Like seriously I dont Get it. You are half into late 20's and Your dream is to become a top model? Damn it! Mr Awesome's not Gonna be your fan, sorry

I'm not Saying Modeling is A Bad thing, someone has got to do the job anyway! After all We (The Bosses) need to check out New Fashion Trends..

But Come to think of it Bro! All you wanna do is Put on a Fashion Design Created and Thought out of the box by someone else?, a CEO, Sometimes you go bare chested and Walk like you dont actually walk, just to grace the Run Way with the Temple of God and in the end, you dont get paid even half of what the Shirt(s) or Design you are displaying is Sold.. Mhnnn!

Dont get it twisted, I feel you too, i know that feeling of being called a Top Model, a sexy six packed Guy, a Mr Awesome in your field but look below., this is the difference between you and us (The CEO's)

you are Building Six packs to impress Agencies and CEO's

CEO's Are Building Creative works in their minds that will help erect new Business Sites, and park Six dope Cars in an Awesome garrage,  well there's still a Six and a Pack

You are Going on the Run way walking like a drunk Zombie, sometimes bare footed and bare chested, passing no knowledge or impact, and get paid just not up to half the worth of the shirt Company for that Night,

Well the Bosses, Are dressed in Suit or a nice shirt, dont need to walk, just sit, maybe as your audience, sip a glass of wine and have no make ups on, yet before you are done for the night, they make just enough money to get The designs sold all over the world.

Think Man! Being a Model as a guy is cool, but is Daddy gonna give junior a good life or Become his role model on the runway?,
Guess what! from the Runway, Junior or Anita will Just run away, why? Cause Daddy is not a good Role Model, He's Just a Model....

Choose wisely,
Become a Boss and be a role Model
or Become a Male Model and Remain Just a model without a Societal Role.

CEO's are Models too, if you doubt me, make inquiries on how many people who wanna put on the same shirts worn by 

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook, CEO

Marco Bizzarri - Gucci, CEO

Keith Cozza- President, CEO and Director of Icahn Enterprises 

         Evans Spiegel -Snap Chat, CEO

         age: 25

Victor Kingsley (Mr Awesome ) : President & CEO GML Enterprises

age: 21 (Shhh! Dont gimmie that look, Lol)

Uwalaka Peter Wealth  - Founder & CEO Shifters Foundation


Austine Raymond : Founder& CEO Austine Raymonds Ideal Consults,

Do you still wanna be a Top Model?

You can still be a Model with Decency, I love models a lot, Cause I love a perfect body, You can be a Model that not only attracts the eyes but the mind too, people are looking upto you, show good morals, and that could make you a role model, But the only way you can be a model and a CEO is simple. Become a Creative model. Get your designs, get your own Fashion, Just get a good Job Done and then you sit with the Classiest of Ladies (Boss Ladies) and sip your glass of Chilled Romanee-Conti DRC or Massandra, as a Boss. Awesome Boss!

Mr Awesome
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I Love You


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