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Love is something No one is allergic to, you should only get addicted to it, Its the essense of Life itself.

Love will make the world less of a hell, one little kindness could throw smiles on someones face, and revive life in them again.
You dont have to give a million dollar bill or karates of Gold, you can just do little things in Big ways,

Each and every day, we come accross broken and needy pals, hanging around and hoping someone could just smile at them with a warmth gesture, but sadly the sun falls on them still hoping, and most of them just adopt the theory of "no one cares".

Their joy could be resting on those  Naira or Dollar notes you pay for a bottle of beer, or the extra bills on the cost of a boutique shirt or shoes, or even that Expensive wine you waste on someones graduation or birthday. Trust me, they will go a long way if only you saved them up for someone else.

Think less about your self and give a hand of help to that guy or Lady who needs it, dont let them fall at your feet, Notice thier dull moments, those moments of endless sigh and hisses, those lonely minutes of staring into the empty space as though they see thier dark future, take cognisance of them, and Swing into action.

Remember, Blessed is the hand that Giveth, than the one that Taketh, be a God image to someone out there, Help them without expecting anything in return.

You can always Trust God for a reward, he would not forget that too.

Share some Love today,

Mr Awesome


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