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7 Signs that Your Romantic  Partner is Just Using You in your relationship.  

Hi, I'm Victor, but generally called Mr Awesome, Nice to have you here today,
From the Conference started n Imo State University, in Nigeria every Thursday, (A Moment With Mr Awesome) I know this one is a topic of interest for so many Ladies owning to the fact that many people have been quite unfortunate to get them selves entangled in
relationships where they are just being kept because they are an option for one pleasure or the other, its quite unfortunate though, but below, I will show you sure signs to Look out for if you are worried that your Romantic Partner might just Be using you and faking to be real, read attentively

1) He won't bother about commitment:

I wonder why someone who's just using you should be bothered about being committed in the first place. In a relationship, if your romantic partner is never bothered about how committed you are to Him and vice versa, just know that you might just be a side chic, one of the side chicks actually. And watch out when you talk about things related to commitment, he wouldn't want to get so engaged with that topic because it's never his interest to be at all, he just doesn't see a future with you, he is only concerned about the now, and that's final

2) Your Friends Notice this through His Actions

Naturally, if you ever get your self involved with a play boy who is just using you, your close friends are always an indicator to observe his games. You wouldn't know because you've already been blinded with the romantic thing you have for him, so the best thing is to be alert when your friends start getting detached from your romantic life and say stuffs like "I don't just understand that guy" also watch out when they use the word "that guy" when referring to him, then you have a lot to fear, as a matter of fact, your male friends would observe this better, and would show it forth in their actions.

3) He is Very Selfish in the Bed Room.

Generally, guys who are just using you are only concerned about what pleasure they derive while with you and this also plays out in the bedroom, you'll discover that they only make moves that interests and satisfies their urge, they have sex only in their favorite position and once they are satisfied, they abandon you in your still aroused and demanding mood, they'll never satisfy your sexual demands, rather they can go all the way hitting you hard and rough not minding if that's the way you want it or not, just to be called a Sex god. Beware.

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4) You never get to meet his Family or Friends

When a guy is using you, the last thing he'll want is for you to meet his close relations, you can only meet his partner in crime friends. Those ones who acts exactly like him, that is if you are lucky anyway! , and not his seriously close friends, he thinks meeting his family might make the bond stronger and more serious than it was supposed to be. so he would avoid it at all cost.

5)  He will be financially dependent on You and always ask for Favours

This part is almost unconsciously unavoidable for many guys who are just using their partners. If your assumed to be romantic partner is always demanding cash from you to pay for this bill or that or to get a new this and that and always making demands for favours, not minding that he is the man, and you are the woman, just be reminded that you might just be a money bank side chick. Watch out for those indications and kick that Gold digger far far out of your precious life, Mr Awesome wouldn't wanna come clean your eyes soon.

6) He Never Takes You Out.

Have you been wondering why your partner never wants to go out with you for a walk, dinner, lunch, see a movie and all that? The answer is here, he might just be using you, He doesn't feel proud taking you out, probably because he doesn't wanna be seen with you, So he avoids taking you out, he is always in closed doors with you, and will be hasty to give excuses when ever you talk about it. So watch out for that sign too

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7) He's Generally called a Player, Play boy or Ladies Man

 Finally, this is item 7 on the list and the last, but it's quite unfortunate that most ladies tend to ignore this sign a whole lot,
A guy who is using you and is as well using several other ladies would automatically assume the title of a play boy to everyone who knows him, they will refer to him as that, because you are not his one and only, So he'll unconsciously flirt with every other girl out there, making him appear as the ladies man, He's just a play boy anyway so he is just using you as well, not only you actually. So when you notice all of the above, pack your stuffs and get out of his life.

If you just read all of the above signs and you discovered that your partner is guilty of quite a good number of them, don't get heart broken, He is not your Mr Awesome, the man who is meant for you will come around some day, but for the time being, you can make the Holy Spirit choose your better companion, he'll never break your heart. Trust me

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