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Let's Plan Your SEX for 2018 πŸ”ž

What Is your SEX going to look like in 2018?

Oh sorry I actually meant SES let's call it SES For Censor purposes. but nevertheless, stay with me please. 

What is Your SES for 2018?

I'm Mr Awesome. 

Your SES is Your Self Enhancement Strategy

Your SES must be a well Detailed, Well-Structured, and boldly Written Strategy that will demand your loyalty, adherence and commitment.

Your SES Guide must include the following .:

2. Inspirational And Motivational Books to Read in 2018 (weekly, monthly or quarterly):

       In building your SES, you'll need to surround your self with some greatly recommended inspirational and motivational books, they challenge you to do more, learn more and become More., go with any writer that inspires your passion just like my mentor P.wealth does.

3. Professional And Career Development

Seminars, Conferences or Workshops to attend. (either Paid or Free):

 As a  career man or woman, you need to broaden your coast of knowledge. I advise you go out and grab all platforms that will sharpen your intellectual base. You need them. Don't just wait to read from Mr Awesome's Blog alone. Knowledge is hanging everywhere, go get them. 

4. Mentors and Coaches you must connect with in 2018 that will add great value to your life and work... 

This is self explanatory, as you know, he who has no mentor will attract tormentors. both career wise, intellectual wise, and etc. So connect to higher authorities in your focus field of intended enhancement. 

5. Relevant/Additional Skills to Develop or Sharpen to enhance your ability to SERVE people and EARN more.: 

      when you acquire additional skills to your barn of knowledge, you open your self to opportunities of earning more, and serving the society in that field as an expert too, which is a plus to your portfolio. Become as Awesome as possible. 

6. Events, Places, Cities And Nations To Visit for personal relaxation, recreation and education:

Do not live and become fatigued in one place, start making plans to visit new places for personal relaxation, away from campus and home. It helps you learn more about places and will place you on high demand when discussions about places and travel arises. 

7. Networks or Associations to join, that will serve as leverages for opportunities and connections (online or offline):

        I don't need to stress much on this, you just need to get attached to other associations that will help you too. Have in mind that your network is your net worth. So make strong contacts in this new year

8. What Products or/and Services will you be creating in 2018 to multiply IMPACT and increase INCOME.: 

        move from your comfort zone and stress your self a little more to think of creative ideas that will earn you more income and at the same time help you impact more on people out there. At Mr Awesome's Blog , we have already mapped out strategies and new media /online plans for 2018. I personally had to go through that mental strain to achieve what I want. You too can

9. Negative Relationships or Friendships to cut off (that drains personal energy) : 

   Evil communication corrupts good manners, cut your self totally out from the league of friends that have no good influence on you, they only drain your personal energy and thinking time, when you are under this negative relationships,  you hardly find time to be useful, so disconnect and grow. 

10. Wise and Intelligent Investments to undertake in 2018.: 

you are not too young or too old to still invest. Start making wise investments by 2018. Put your resources to the right use and the harvest will shock you. Take the risk at heart, but not without your head. You can always call me up when ever you need such guide or mentorship/advice. (Mr Awesome)

11. Negative Habits, Attitudes and Behaviours to confront and conquer: 

Negative and unwanted habits most times are inevitable, but conscious effort to confront,  and conquer them will go a long way to cub them. the first step to that is actually accepting that they are negative, then making up your mind to drop them. 

12. Positive Habits, Attitudes and Behaviours to cultivate in 2018.:

For your own good, try as much as possible to cultivate positive attitude towards virtually everything around you. from manner of approach to the way you handle stress, to problem solving to endurance to tolerance and what have you.? Consciously improve your self on these and 2018 will be a big shot. 

1. Building Spiritual Capacity (Moving from Just Relationship to Quality Fellowship with Your God

 This was actually the number one item on the guide list but it had to come below for reasons we both know but wouldn't want to talk about, too bad though. But for a man to attain greatness, you must build a mode of communion with your maker which transcends from just relationship to fellowship, in that way, you'll be guided on the spiritual pathway until perfection is attained physically. 

I had to call it Sex at first to get your attention, I actually want you draft out your SELF ENHANCEMENT STRATEGIES FOR 2018

 You can join us live every Thursday in 2018 at A moment with Mr Awesome lets talk about you. 

Let Your Plans Begin Now!!!

Author : Mr Awesome



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