A 14 year old girl arrested for selling marijuana to fellow students at school. - Mr Awesome's Blog

A fourteen year old teenager and ninth grader who schools at a high school in Verulam has been arrested by members of Reaction Unit South Africa after she was intercepted with counts of Wrapped marijuana in her possession.

The interception and arrest took place yesterdays morning after the RUSA group got an information around 9:30am, of a female student who sells cannabis to fellow scholars during lunch break...

The swing in to action was accompanied by a female RUSA officer who followed her colleagues to the grade 9 class room where the girl sat comfortable with her goods. On sighting the Group, she brought out the pink colored pencil case which contained 24 wraps of marijuana and placed it on the desk in front of another pupil. But too late, she was spotted already. 

During interrogation, the 14year old girl agreed to have been in possession of the cannabis, but attested that her 17 years old elder sister who was in the 11th grade had given it to her to help transfer it to a guy who would help her market it as she was sick and unable to make it to school. 

According to her, her sister normally sells it to pupils in the school at the rate of R5.00 each.


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