So Sad. Murder Story Again! - This was why and how an innocent corps member was murdered by a Naval officer in Imo  State. | Mr Awesomes Blog

His name is Amadi Chukwuemeka Princewill, a vibrant serving corps member and a native of  Awaka in Imo state. 
On Saturday being the 26th of May 2018, he went on a sit out with his friends after being away for some time, on the course of sitting out, one Mr Nick Anyanwu (current community chairman at Ndegbelu community in Awaka Imo state and also a re-election aspirant) came to the sit out spot with a naval officer and started harassing them (princewill amadi and friends) all in d name of political power. 

Amadi Chukwuemeka Princewill who has been away for the 3weeks orientation camp prior to NYSC proper tried to inquire what the problem was, because he didn't understand the cause for the alarm but the naval officer faced him squarely and started harassing him in particular as though he has swore or been paid to end his life and send him to undeserved tears in eternity. ( it was that serious). On seeing that his attacker was a uniformed military man, Chukwuemeka Princewill tried walking out to avoid further complications. He really saw it coming,  he was determined to save his life as if he knew he was about to loose it. But the naval officer dragged him back, and started to beat him up without mercy as though he was a thief , Princewill pleaded, he cried, he begged, he really wanted peace, but the Naval officer refused, he hardened his heart, he didn't stop there, he pulled his gun, faced it at Princewill and placed his hand on the trigger. 

On seeing this, Princewill begged, tears rolled down his eyes like a baby whose mother just died. He was about serving the country so he needed his life intact. He begged sincerely from his heart. He didn't have a gun, he was only trying to make peace but this naval officer refused and then in a twinkle of an eye he pulled the trigger and pooooom, a hot impatient bullet left the gun and went directly to princewill in obedience to his master and pierced PrinceWill's chest, piercing the same heart with which he wanted to serve his motherland. He shot him on the chest and sent his innocent spirit packing out of his body. Mr Awesome has lost words to let the world know how wicked this is.

This same naval officer took him to the hospital (Holy Rosary Hospital Emekuku) dumped him there and ran away. As it stands now, the navy officer and Mr Nick Anyanwu, the man aspiring for the post of chairmanship are at large.

Please let us join Mr Awesome's Blog and family and friends of Princewill. Let's get #justiceforprincewilll #justiceforchukwuemeka #justiceforsleek .

Let the search for Mr Nick Anyanwu,  current chairman and aspiring chairman of Ndegbelu community in Awaka Imo State 

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