MTN Plans Open Sex, Homosexuality, LGBTI Party. See what Happened Afterwards.

Uganda’s Minister of Ethics and Intergrity, Simon Lokodo, has banned MTN’s Nyege Nyege international music and arts festival.

The festival was banned because of scheduled open sex, noise, homosexuality, LGBTI.

Lokodo warned that foreigners must not come to the East African country for sex.

Lokodo in statement on Tuesday, announced that the three-day festival slated to begin on Thursday, Sept. 6, has been banned.

He said, “Let foreigners not come to Uganda for sex. If you are coming for sexual reasons worse still homosexuality and LGBTQ, stay away.”

“MTN Nyege Nyege will not be accepted… it will not take place. I wanted Nyege Nyege cancelled last year but they escaped.”

He said the government had ,“information that open sex, noise, homosexuality, LGBTI will be part of the Nyege Nyege.

“This ugly thing called MTN Nyege Nyege is not taking place this year.

“We have already evaluated how much losses will come. We shall save the image of this country but not allow this to take place for the two days and one night.

“The activity will be covered by alcohol and music. There will be drugs, toxicants not accepted by this country.

“There will be nudity and sexuality done at any time of the hour. There will be open sex.

“The very name of the festival is provocative. It means “sex, sex” or urge for sex. We have been informed it’s taking place near Owen Fall’s dam. This brings uncertainty and fear.

“This is close to devil worshipping and not acceptable.”

The Minister said he has written to the police to stop the event from taking place.

The festival had attracted over 300 artists from over 30 countries.

The venue was set on a six-acre forest on the banks of the River Nile, a kilometre away from the source of the river and Jinja town.


This is obviously the more reason why we need kingdom Men who fear God and have great sense of value in the important seats in the government. Men who can take the decisions Jesus would have taken if he were to be on earth. Let's say no to what's Bad - Mr Awesome


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