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Austin Omenogor is a graduate of psychology from the Imo State University who has turned a food vendor in Warri, Delta State. The indigene of Abbi community in Ndokwa-West Local Government Area of Delta State spoke with DAILY POST on why he went into the food business instead of the proverbial white-collar jobs highly sought after by university graduates. 

Below are excerpts:

When did you start this business and why?
I started this business three years ago when I returned from youth service. I stayed for about two years without gaining employment. I went to the village and nothing is happening there so I came to town. After sometime, I stopped seeking for job and thought of what to do.
What’s your level of education?
I am a graduate and I have other professional certificates added to the degree certificate.

What course did you study and which university did you graduated from?

I studied psychology, and I graduated from the Imo State University, IMSU. I also have my HSE certificate as well.
Of all the businesses you can do, why did you choose food vendoring

I chose to do this because people don’t see it as something that can bring money. They see it as one of the menial jobs around. But I saw something in it. I know I can gain from it.

Do you prepare the food yourself?

Yes Sir! I prepare the food myself.

Can you share your success stories with graduates who are still in search of white-collar jobs?

I got married immediately after I started this business. I was able to raise the money I used for my marriage from it. I used it to raise the money with which I bought a tricycle. Within three years, I was able to achieve Keke, a house of my own. I packed in just yesterday. It is just a self-contain at Aziza junction area.

Are you saying there is so much profit in this business?

There is profit in it but very menial. That’s just why it is like that.

Can you tell us your daily earnings from this business?
At times, I make N6,000 depending on sales. Sometimes, between 7-10,000 as profit. The highest I have made here is N13,000 as gain.

Have you worked anywhere before?

When I came back (from NYSC) newly, I got an opportunity to work in Levant Construction Company. They were paying me little as N40,000 and I couldn’t even do anything. Before the month runs out, I have already finished the money. I worked six months and couldn’t achieve anything. I was only feeding with it. I couldn’t even pay rent and that’s all. But now, I don’t even pay rent anymore.

Do you have children?
No children yet, Sir!

What does your wife do for a living?
I introduced her to this business. She is also doing the business with me.
What advice do you have for unemployed graduates?

They shouldn’t even seek for job anymore. Private businesses will pay them more than any other company.

It was nice speaking with you!
Thank you Sir for talking to me. This is my first time of talking to a journalist since I started this business. God bless you and DAILY 



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