I Exposed My Underwear To Attract Ex-US President, Bill Clinton's Attention' - Monica Lewinsky Reveals

Monica Lewinsky deliberately got her underwear exposed to get President Bill Clinton’s attention, she claims in a mind-blowing new documentary 

The former White House intern has admitted she had a nututred crush on President Bill Clinton and showed off her pants to him at an Oval Office bash.

According to Lewinsky, she flaunted herself at a birthday party for a colleague in 1995 attended by the President,
She sai'd: "Instead of pulling my trousers up, like I would in any other instance, I didn’t.
“It was not noticeable to everybody else in the room, but [Clinton] noticed.”
The shocking revelation is made in a new A&E documentary series titled The Clinton Affair that documents Lewinsky's secret trysts with the US President.

The scandal surrounding their affair nearly led to the President Clinton's impeachment back then. 

Monica says she showed off her underwear to Bill Clinton

She later added: “As I passed (White House comms director) George Stephanopoulos’s office, I kind of looked into the open doorway.
“And Bill happened to be standing there.
"And he motioned me in — I don’t think my heart had ever beat that fast.
“Unbeknownst to me, I was on the precipice of the rabbit hole.”
Lewinsky and Clinton carried on a years-long relationship into his second term in office.
The affair came undone and ignited a national firestorm under the weight of the Ken Starr probe — the investigation into the relationship and attempts to cover it up.

Lewinsky said: “There were always narratives of secrecy in this relationship. We were both cautious, but not cautious enough.”
“I was completely at his mercy,” added Lewinsky, who in recent years has penned essays re-examining the affair and authority Clinton wielded in the light of the #MeToo movement.

The former White House intern said she had a crush on the President

At the time, though, Lewinsky said, the fling with the leader of the free world “just felt like connecting.”
“It’s not as if it didn’t register with me that he was the president,” Lewinsky said.
“Obviously it did. But … the truth is, I think it meant more to me that someone who other people desired, desired me.
"However wrong it was … for who I was in that very moment, at 22 years old, that was how it felt.”



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