Woman butchers her lover, minces his body, cooks it with rice and serves to construction workers

A woman from morrocco has confessed guilty of butchering her lover of a long time after which she cut what is left of his unlucky self into tiny pieces and cooked them together with the rice which she prepared and served to a group of Pakistani construction workers.
 The remaining parts of his body which could not be cooked, she threw to dogs.
The unsuspecting construction workers working in the United Arab Emirates had no idea at all that the meal they have accepted the woman contained human flesh. The crime was later uncovered after the local police found a tooth in her blender.
It took 3 months after the crime before the police found out and arrested the young morrocoan woman in her 30s and she confessed to dismembering her boyfriend of seven years in a fit of temporary "insanity," Gulf News reported.
She said her action was born out of jealousy because her lover, who is said to have been in his 20s, dumped her and that he was going to marry his cousin in Morocco. The woman said she had provided for and fed the man for seven straight years and could not accept or bear his betrayal.
The woman's wicked act was discovered after the man's brother started looking for him. He told the police that when he visited the couple's home in Al Amin in the UAE, the woman shut the door in his face, claiming that she had kicked her ex out after he broke the news about his upcoming marriage.
The man then alerted the police, who searched the house and reportedly found a human tooth in the woman's blender. A DNA test later confirmed that it belonged to the missing man.
Following her arrest, the woman was sent to a hospital for a check up to determine if she's suffering from a mental illness.


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