Robbers Angry Because Victims Were Absent From Home Leaves A Funny Note For Them, Click To Read

Robbers in Nigeria are turning from just being robbers to robbery Comedians recently 
The kind of things they do will leave anybody laughing themselves to stupor. They've gone from things like, leaking pot of soup, Asking to be cooked for, advising the family, to Dropping letters. Haha 😂 

A Nigerian family recently experienced what I'll call a comic relief from set a robbers who invaded their house. These night journiers went to operate at a house at a three bedroom flat in Grace Estate, in Iyesi area of Ado Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State.
They had wanted and obviously expected to meet the residents at home but to their disappointment, the occupants of the apartment were away from the house at the time of their unannounced invasion. Due to the fact that the building was empty at the time of their arrival, the robbers had to break in through the ceiling of an adjoining flat.
On meeting the absence of the owners of the house, these robbers made themselves comfortable by stealing some electronic devices that were in the living room.

On noticing that they could not go beyond the sitting room into the other more 'well loaded' rooms, as they tried to break in but the doors of these other chambers were too strong for them to penetrate, they became frustrated, and as a result of their painful frustration, they performed a hilarious comic relief, They left a note behind for the house owners.

Written in the note, the robbers has just this to say: ‘’We are coming back o !!! Goodluck.’’

One can't be sure if this is a pr7ayer or some sort of ill wish for the victims. Whatever the case, it was very evident that the robbers were planning to show their 'real face' again at the apartment.

Mr Dare Ogunyombo spoke with The Nation concerning this matter. He disclosed that he had gone away with his family for a few days when the incident happened. He also revealed several details about what damage the robbers caused to his house:

‘’I noticed that they fruitlessly tried to force their way into my apartment through the main door to the building. They however broke the ceiling of the next flat and entered my apartment through the roof, while they carted away a satellite television decoder in the living room.
They also made attempt to enter my room but the door was too strong for them to unlock or break. I guess they were in a hurry to rob and because they were frustrated, they left a note on the table threatening to come back for me and my family.’’

This very strange case has been reported to the Obasanjo Farm Police Division. Also, the spokesman of Ogun State Police Command Abimbola Oyeyemi has weighed in on the issue by saying that he would sooner or later reveal further details about the incident.
In the meanwhile, a robber who was toying around with a toy gun while trying to rob a woman in Ojota, Lagos. The 'fake' thief was nabbed by the police and his case is due for investigation soon


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