Are you good enough for him?

Something got me thinking. 
Sweet heart you're attractive and that's cool. You've got a killer Curve. Oh wonderful, 
You take out time to paint your lips and keep them inviting enough to turn a man in to toddler. That's powerful... But ehhmmm... 

What if despite all these, you're still not healthy for my Emotional, Spiritual and mental well being ?
What if I start thinking of a "Breast" when I should be thinking of a Rest 

What if all I imagine is your hip and your lip, forgetting the word of God and book pages I should heap and flip

What if.... 

Honey what If when I stare in to your eyes all I see is your beautiful eye balls and the way the edges around them are painted, what if I don't see the dreams in them.....  And so. This got me wondering. Are you healthy enough for a man's Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Well being.? 
You've got to ask your self that. 

Spoken word Poetry  record on this coming soon... 


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