#iRant002 - Call from A Scammer - Be Ware Of This.

                    _Call from A Scammer_

The same way your father swore to watch you become great, so have I Sworn to Rant when ever I'm less busy. Oh yes. 
My name is Mr Awesome in case you're reading from me for the first time. I'm a human being and what I do for a living is not your business. Yes! ✌

It's alarming what people do to survive and how people go the extra mile to make money. 
                           What Happened? 

Today as I was cooling off at my convenience room, Enjoying the serene atmosphere in it and doing the needful in a squat position. If you're a human being you should know what I mean. We all do it. Hey! Don't gimmie that look. 😕 
So my phone rang, a call from 08102750369.   I  picked up and "Hello... Good Morning, this is Mr Awesome who am I onto. 

Voice (Matured man) : Good morning, how are you
Me : Very good and how are you too 

Voice(ignored my pleasantry) : Ehhmm. Can you work with ministry of Agriculture if I recommend a job for you there?

Me: Yes. I Can, perfectly
Voice : OK, call me back immediately let us talk about it (hangs up the phone.) 

I laughed and immediately knew it was them but I wanted to have fun. So I called him back and put my phone on record. 
He continued  (Sounding very unlearned and wretched)
Voice : I said can you work with ministry of Agriculture as a distributor if I recommend a job dia for you? (he added distributor this time around and I was quick to note that) 

Me : Ehhmm. Yes I can, but what am I going to be distributing 

Voice : OK, Send me MTN card now let me forward all the whole details to you to avoid making mistakes ("all the whole" kwa. OK o) 

Me: (smiles) alright, MTN card of how much

Voice : Any amount 

Me : OK, what really am I going to be distributing so that I'll know if I'll have interest or not 

Voice : (Sounding a little bit pissed off) that is why I said you should send me the card naah. 

Me : (stays calm for a while and then I asked) Do you work with Ministry of Agriculture? 

Voice : Yes, 

Me : alright, What is your name? 

Voice : you say? 

Me: What Is Your Name 

Voice : (goes dumb) 

Me :hello 

Voice : (stays silent)  and then puuummmm he ended the call.
Lol. He was a fraudster, Local fraudster. Your colleague, if you are a Yahoo boy. 😂 
See what would have happened. 
If I had sent him airtime, he would assume he had gotten my interest because where a man's treasure is, there will his heart be also. Which explains why you cannot get rid of that girl or that boy in your head. "Over committed investment". God  will judge you. (don't mind me, I'm in a light mood today)  back to the matter. And then he would keep bringing up more stories and referrals. He would refer me to a colleague who would claim to be in charge of the distribution, and then that one would give me his bill. Very enticing. Like cutting me a deal that it's profit would be 20x of what I'll give to him, claiming he just wants to help because someone close recommended me. They might even claim the government approved the Distribution. And then in the end they'll disappear in to thin air with my money. No... Your money actually. Because me, I've wised up in 9ja.

 But here's the secret, the Bible said you're tempted by the lust of your own heart. So if their money swindling trick gets you, there's only one meaning to it "idi Anya ukwu". you're a greedy person. Let me know if you want the record.  And here is his number
 Bye bye. 

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Mr Awesome. 
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