How To Deal With an Ex Who Refuses to Stay Away in 7 simple Steps

   Love hurts when you lose it, but hurts more when you lose that of someone you Love dearly. Which is why most partners keep coming back even after you have called it a quit with them. This can become an issue to worry about if they are beginning to interfere with the peace and serenity you enjoy with your new self or your new relationship. Often times, they just want to hang around you and some other times, they want you real back which might not be possible, considering the fact you have decided to move on with your life and explore other possibilities life has to offer. Below are few steps carefully prepared by Mr Awesome to help you keep them out for good.

1) Restrict late night calls from them : The night hour is usually the most private time anyone has and in it you relax, think, recount your day’s activities and prepare for a fresh day. So if by any chance you permit anyone to call you within the night hour for a friendly conversation, they automatically assume there's a connection between you both. So one of the best approaches to keeping your ex away is to stop calling and taking calls from them at night. they'll know you now have barriers for them.

 2) Always mention your new partner when you talk with them If you got into a new relationship or marriage after you broke up with your previous partner, (Avoid break ups in Marriage) you really need to force it into their subconscious that you have moved on and there is no coming back. Mention your new partner with every opportunity at your disposal. This has a way of making them see you as someone else’s property that you are and then reveals to them that you’re not interested in them anymore.

 3) Stop replying their text messages; Almost all exes have the habit of continuous text messages after you break up with them, especially if they were the ones at fault and if they miss you a whole lot and wants you back. The messages make them feel connected to you and they will not stop sending if you don’t stop replying. So if you really do want to keep them away, stop replying their mails and messages from today so that you can save the future of your Love life and pick the pieces of yourself back.

 4) When you take their calls, don’t spend too much time with them This is self-explanatory; whenever you take calls from your ex, make sure not to spend time with them over the phone. Immediately you’re done with the pleasantries, look for an excuse to hang up. “I’m busy right now, I will talk to you when I am less busy, take care” that statement wouldn’t hurt anybody. Be sure to excuse your self.

5) Avoid hanging out with them Let me give you an illustration with myself. My name is Victor Kingsley but I prefer to be called Mr Awesome as a pen name. I used to be in love with a girl but later called it a quit with her after I realized she had been cheating on me with several guys she knew. I wanted to move on but I did it the wrong way. In a bid not to make her feel bad or judge her for her action, I thought I could still be friends with her. So I kept calling her, taking her texts and calls and then made the biggest mistake of going out with her. It was there that I realized how beautiful she was and then I started developing feelings for her again. So if you must move on and forget your ex and in turn make them forget you too, you have put restrictions on yourself too. Stop going out with them; No matter how wonderful their company is.

 6) Encourage them to move on and pray for them. Encourage your former partner to move on and pray for them too. You don’t necessarily have to do this directly. You can do it indirectly through their close friends and family. And when you kneel to pray, pray that God helps them to move on. When you take their calls, also wish them well and pray for them to move on before hanging up. Especially if they call you to talk about an “us” that has stopped existing.

7) If you are still single, get busy - Make new friends, learn new skills, start a movement, take a new career. Just don’t let them perceive you to be lonely because if and when they do, they will definitely leverage on it and work their way back into your life. That will be all for now.

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