If He wants to Break up, Let Him Go

If He wants to Break up, Let Him Go
It remains an undeniable fact how much of a beautiful thing love is but so far, so many women have lost themselves trying to keep what was never meant to be all in the name of "Love".

No matter how bad it sounds, the truth remains that a man who walks up to you and proposes a break up looking right into your eyes has thought it through and so he actually has made up his mind on it. And you fighting for it would only end up making a mess of your self worth. So if he thinks he wants to walk out, allow him. It will hurt but it's better a broken relationship than a failed marriage.

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Men naturally are logical beings, We think deeply and analyze our decisions before bringing it out in the open, so anything that has prompted him to pitch a break up line should be enough to keep you glued on your sit and act as a lady "The Chased".
If he really has any memories from the times you've been together, and if they really meant anything to him, he wouldn't dream of leaving. But if despite all of the things you said to each other, he still decides to walk away,  reminding him of them isn't really going to Change anything. 

Many men leave relationships because they finally realised they were really not ready for anything or anyone they would be committed to, so they chicken up and give flimsy excuses for not wanting to be with you anymore. Don't stop them, allow them walk through that door and bang it right behind them. 

Your man is the one who needs to work hard to keep you, not the other way round. If he is leaving because he cannot meet up with your standards, do not bring them low for him, just let him go, because when you bring them low, you come low with them too.  So instead of trading your chances of finding a better off man, you simply let the ice melt. Insisting on having him back might result in you becoming an automatic side chick; reasons because he has spotted someone new before he ever thought of leaving you, take it or leave it, that remains the fact. Men don't just walk out of relationships and become monks, they go right in to a new one which they've built while you were still together - which implies that he was practically cheating On you.

A man who loves you would do anything to be with you and keep you as well, he'll hardly get tired of your Romance and at some points he might even get obsessed with you. Always wanting to speak with you, play with you,  be around you, skip appointments for you and etc. But for a man to wake up one morning and say "hey babe!,  I think I'm done with this relationship ", he doesn't deserve you, not one bit....

So pick up your what's left of your heart and forget ahead. Ahead - aHead


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