Why I Don't Like The Back Side. - Reasons To Avoid It. 18+

Avoid The Back Side. 

... So I decided to walk around and say hi to a friend I met recently who helped me out with something earlier in the day. 
Oh.  I forgot to tell you I traveled home to the village. My village. Pardon me. As I was saying,  I thought it wise to go say hi to this girl after she helped me save one of my 25 litre rubber Jerrycan from falling off the wheel barrow on my way back from fetching water for my mom and grandma. 
I don't know how she did it but She was faster than a speed jet and she held on to one side of the wheel barrow after I forcefully bumped in to a big stone lying across the narrow pathway leading to the water source. one among the two that are perfectly working in my small okwu emohe emii community of owerri north local government area in IMO State.. Thank God she was there to save me. if not, these home people would have said "Ndi township, onwekwa ike di ha n'ahu." (These township people are weaklings).
So I thanked her the normal way and moved on with my barrow and gallons of water. When I got home and emptied the cans, I rested a while and later decided to go say Hi to her and thank Her properly and hopefully, make a new friend out of her. As I walked out of our compound, I saw one of the girls in her company during that time and requested for where she lived. she smiled shyly and said "Oh. Ifenyinwa. She is from the next village, their house is that one opposite the village bush bar before the church by the road side, you'll find it after you count six electric poles from here. If you get there, ask them of ify. But they have a Dog o."
I smiled and "thank you my dear, what's your name?. I'm Adanma she said smiling from cheek to cheek and throwing her hands in jingling motions in the air. 
"that means Daughter of beauty right? And you're beautiful indeed. She said yes and thanks. I couldn't believe I said those words looking her straight in the eyes. Not that I'm a shy person. It's just that I know what message I might be sending across to her which was totally not the issue and which explains why she was playing with her hands like that.
So I headed straight to find ifeyinwa or rather ify  and thank her properly. I counted 6 electric poles as she said and behold the village bush bar. I looked opposite to my left and that was their house I guessed. It was a fine and well painted bungalow with beautiful flowers around it.
There was light and some of her family members where seated outside gossiping and discussing with a company of laughter and more jokes. I walked slowly and uncertainly to the elderly people I had seen.
"Ndewo sir, Ndewo Ma" I greeted bending my knees a bit and bowing slightly.
iri¿ kpe ole they asked. ("How are you?" in native emii owerri dialect ) 
Arim nnó nma (I'm fine) I replied. 

Please ma is this Ifeyinwa's house? Yes! the woman answered and who are you my Son.
I'm her friend and I'm from okwu emohe emii.
Iwu kwanu nwa onye (whose son are you) 
Nma awum nwa.....  I mentioned my family name. OK! Your grand mother is my Good friend  we grew up together, so you're her grandson, wow. Such a big and good looking boy. Pointing with her finger she said. "Go to the backyard Ifeyinwa is there. She's washing her clothes." I smiled sheepishly.
It was night already but NEPA gave light. Glory be to God. So I followed her finger and walked towards that side. I got a notification on my phone and decided to read, it was a WhatsApp message, so I replied and walked. just allowing my eyes to see few inches before me. I didn't look far but I was hearing sounds of water splattering on the ground and a beautiful voice singing. As I got closer, the whole thing became louder but I was so in to my chat that I couldn't look. As I took one more step and my leg brushed off an empty aluminum can of malt drink which made a crashing sound as it fell, warm water came splashing all over me. Soaking my face, shirt, and dropping all over my phone. Then she shouted "Who are you?  didn't you see I was taking my bath? at that point, I lifted up my eyes and behold young beautiful naked Ifenyinwa, with curves tracing down her hip lines like the two sides of an almond fruit, her shape was better and more perfect than that of any mannequin I'd seen in any boutique, her skin shone like the rays of the morning Sun brushing through a Glass house as it returned the light from the bulb as a reflection. Her shoulders trying to come together as she cups her breasts in her  hands. Trying to bend and to yell more at me. On my path I was confused, couldn't tell whether I should run, turn around, close my eyes or just disappear. All I remember was that my eyes went wide open in shock and then soapy water from no where splashed in to my face and shut them again. Ah! ah! ah! I'm sorry I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to come here and meet you bathing outside. I only came to say thanks. I begged and tried rubbing my eyes open. But before I could say Jack. She poured the remaining water on her body and ran inside.
As embarrassed as I was, I stood there not knowing what to do next. 
If I walk home, her mom and other people in the front yard would wonder why I'm leaving wet and would question me and if I stay, I'll catch cold and someone might meet me there and bla bla bla. That was how confused I was. So I decided to stand for a while. I took off my shirt and started squeezing water out of it, wearing only my white inner T-shirt. I felt so ashamed but I was lucky it was night already. I squeezed and then waved it in the air to let water droplets out the more. As I was still doing that and cleaning up my phone, her voice came from behind. "I'm sorry about that, Don't be angry please." On hearing that, I turned and went on one knee immediately, as if I was going to propose to her. The exact way your dad knelt when he deceived your mom in to marrying him. "I'm sincerely sorry for what happened, it wasn't My intention and I regret it. Forgive me please" 
"Ah ah it's OK. get up please, you don't really have to kneel because of that. I heard when you said it earlier but I was more concerned about the fact that I was completely naked before a stranger.." 
 "OK I get it but please accept my apologies first." Apologies accepted she replied. 
Then she looked me straight in the eye with a steady fix as if she was going to ask me the winning question of The Who wants to be a Millionaire Tv Show. I got scared and puzzled. I widened my eyes and gave a look as if to ask "what is it ?" She didn't say a word but looked in to my eyes more intensely before she then asked. "Did you see anything? " carefully spelling out the words one after the other. 
My eyes went wide open, I knew I definitely had to tell an award winning lie. Trust me, I shook my head innocently with my lips stuck in between my teeth and said "No I did not, Not even a shade of skin". "are you sure? " she fired back. "Yes trust me. I denied again.. OK. She exhaled in satisfaction. 
Do you recognize me? I asked. 
Uhhhmmm yes, but I didn't earlier and that was why I poured that water on you. Actually my friend called me and told me you just asked her for where I lived. I only wanted to bath before you arrive because I've been busy through out the day. I didn't know you'll come that fast..
Mhnn. OK, I'm sorry about that but why didn't you use the bathroom. I asked. "My sister was in there and she takes a lot of time to bath and I needed to look good before you came to see me. 
I smiled, and then asked jokingly "Does that mean you like me ? Because you just said you wouldn't have poured that water on me,  meaning you would have preferred if I saw you naked and then you also said you wanted to look good for me.  So tell me, does that in anyway mean you like me?  I asked burying my hands in my pocket and looking upward to the sky that was barren of stars. 
"Haha. She laughed ,, “Like you kwa,? no ooo not at all. I just like looking good for my self..”
I laughed, I was just joking anyway! And I got you there. She smiled.
Thank you for your help earlier today, you saved me from a lot of embarrassment and I'm grateful. 
"Oh, that's nothing. You didn't need to come all the way to my house to say that. Its not worth it at all. I mean it's what anybody can do for anybody, she added.", trying to do shakara for me. 
"no no no I totally disagree with you, no body would move in that speed unless they really care and probably have been watching the person for a while" I snapped. "wait a minute. Where you looking at me?" I pointed at my self and tilted my head a bit to the right with a fixed look at her." "Me?  Look at you?  No no I wasn't, why would I?; Look! Just stop it. I wasn't and would never." she replied, trying to protect her ego with traces of fake frowns on yellow face.
"Awww awww. That was mean, I was only joking" I said again. 
"Your jokes ain't going down well so you better stop it."
"Oh! my bad". I raised my hands to the air in surrender and then she smiled again. 

"Ehrm, I have to start going back home now it's already dark and I'm getting a little.... " I vibrated my self as if to show I was shivering. 
Oh I'm sorry, let me see you off then she opted. 
I got in to my wet and cold shirt again and she walked me out of her compound as we talked. When I got to the front yard I greeted her Mom again and she sent her regards to my grandma. 
"Your parents are free and open minded, I like them" 
"You can say that again, but I'll have to explain your visit before bed tonight." 
Haha, I laughed. I knew how a typical Nigerian parent protects the girl child from boys. 
As we got out of the compound, we walked a little bit and then she stopped to say good bye and then she said. "Please don't visit me again" 
OK Ma, I'll never, and I promise.
"Erhmmm. Can I get a hug?"
"A hug? She asked with open eyes, No Sir, I don't share hugs. Have a good night rest." she dismissed. 
"OK, bye then." I walked my way home and after a short walk I looked back and there she was at the entrance of their compound still looking my direction. And immediately she saw me look back. She ran inside. Haha.. 

Lesson :
»»» Never you visit someone through the back yard. 
»» Avoid the back side even if you're asked to walk through there. You might not like the outcome. 
» Whether in business or legal matters always go through the front door. It would save you a lot of stress.. 

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