Google reacts to inaccurate Naira conversion rates



The global Tech giant Google has recently reacted to the highly inaccurate figures witnessed in the conversion rate of Nigeria’s Naira currency on the eve of the country’s elections.

“We’re aware of an issue causing inaccurate conversions for Nigerian Naira currency, so we will remove the conversion one box from appearing in search results until we are able to diagnose the issue,”
 Google said in a tweet late on Friday.

Search results displayed on Google showed a dollar was equivalent to N184, During the same period, a dollar was traded officially for N306, information on Nigeria’s central bank website showed.
While the drastic reduction in the conversion rates was noted on Google, other currency conversion mediums remained the same way they were.

On, for instance, N362.6 was exchanged for a $1.

But Google has affirmed that it was aware of the wrong info that has gone viral and promised to correct it to correspond with the global conversion rates.
The tech company, however, did not disclose the cause of the inaccuracies, rather they said the search result will be diagnosed to identify the issue.


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