Unemployed engineer Returns Missing Wallet With Pounds And Naira Notes In it - See What Is Coming His Way

A Nigerian man has shown a very exemplary way of life after returning wallet with wads of foreign currencies in it. 

Unemployed engineer returned the money and wallet
An unemployed engineer has been praised for his show of honesty and integrity after he found and returned a misplaced wallet which had pounds and Naira notes in it.
Instagram user, @cutiebidey, who owns the wallet, wrote,
"This man right here is my HERO. I can’t believe we still have truthful people like this in Lagos. I lost my wallet on Saturday, since then I had been disturbed and praying to find it. In it I have 20pounds and some naira notes. This man came to my office and brought my wallet intact, nothing was missing, this man rejected what I gave him in return. Please help me pray for him that he will never lack any good thing in his life, I asked few questions and he said he had been out of job for over a year, please is you have any job for him send me a message. Let’s celebrate a HERO. He is an engineer, he used to work for a network provider before he was laid off. Pls tag all the celebrities, let’s help this man."



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