wow! Nigerian Soldiers At The War Front Caught On Camera Worshiping God (Video)

The soldiers pray
A certain video has emerged and gone viral online, showing the moment where gallant Nigerian soldiers went on their knees in humble adoration and worship to God almighty at the battle field.
The soldiers in the North East were captured on camera engaged in the act of worship to God. The soldiers who are given the charge to properly fight the war against Boko Haram and prosecute them, took out time to worship God in heaven and their video has since gone viral online.

The footage shows the soldiers believed to be Catholics as they were performing mass in an open field with their ammunition close to them, just in case the sect members approach them while they are praying.
you see, even soldiers at the face of death finds and makes out time to worship God in heaven, so you that is sitting at home has no excuse not to return all Glory to God for all the hidden battles he has fought for you.

watch video below


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