Man Tells How His Girlfriend Married Another Man 3 Months After Saying She 'Lives And Breathes For Him'

A Nigerian man identified simply as as Nwoke-Oma on Twitter has stunned social media users with a story he told.
According to Nwoke-Oma, he used to be in love with a girl whom he dated for one year. Soon, however he got to learn that she was engaged to another man.
Although he did not confront her, one day he decided to ask her if she would ever leave him and she looked into his eyes and declared that she lives and breathes for him.
The shocking part of the story was that just three months later, she got married to another man.
Nwoke-Oma wrote: "I dated a girl for a year,found out she was engaged to anoda,i didnt confront her because i knew i wasnt ready for that.i asked her one day 'will you ever leave me?Will i be enough for you?She lookd me in the eye and said, "i live and breath for you"
"3months lata,she got married"


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