Mr Awesomes Diary - Hidden in Smiles Episode 1

Mr Awesome's Diary
Hidden in Smiles
Episode One
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I saw her sitting on the chair at the flower covered walk way all alone. Staring deeply in to open space and talking to a being I didn't seem to see. Probably her second self or her imaginary friend. Her blonde hair was carefully packed to the back of her neck, allowing a better view of her face and beautiful almond shaped eyes which was capable of staring Holiness out of a Priest.
The way she dimmed them as she stared in to open space would make one think she sees the future. who knows?, She could be a seer, but what ever she's seeing was not beyond the shoulders of pain and depression.
And I... I was sitting the opposite direction, counting my heart beats as they pounded "poom poom, poom poom". Waiting to make an eye contact with her, but she seemed not to care about anything that happened within that atmosphere.
I noticed she had a little bottle in her hands, a pen and a piece of paper. Mmhnnn. Was she working on an assignment ?, a project?, a list for shopping?, or maybe a list of her problems.
Suddenly she buried her face in her hands and shook her head violently, and then I knew something was definitely wrong and for me that was a perfect time to get a beautiful lady to be my friend or my........(best known to me)
I stood to my feet and walked closer to her without her notice. I sat close to her and I could hear her say "it's all over now" "I'm done"..
Mhnnn. That was really strange. " What was all over and what was she done with"?, These questions ran through my head as I waited for the right words to break the silence with. So I said "Hello Beautiful, I hope everything is alright with you".. She paused for a while and stopped sobbing. "I'm fine, what do you want " ? She asked as she sniffed.
" I just want to be friends with you, I've been watching you for a while and I loved the calmness within your spirit, people like you are hyper intelligent and your beauty could sway any man like a bottle of liquor " Do you mind talking to me? I asked as I held her hands and unburied her head.
Lo and Hold, her eyes were soaked in bitter tears, her beautiful white eyes had turned red and her pupils dilating. "Oh God, I never knew I had held the hands of an Angel. "You're so beautiful, I said as I stared deep in to her almond shaped brown eyes.
Her lips were Lush, ruby red and dropping charms like a honey comb..
"No one has ever said that to me" She said, and I think I'm the worst person alive.
I pretended not to have heard what she said and drew closer to her, sat next to her and had my arms around her shoulders. I'm Mr Awesome, and what name did God give you Angel? She smiled and "I'm Amy" she said wiping off the tears in her eyes and sniffing. I noticed her folding the piece of paper in her hands and throwing it in to her purse with the pen and the little bottle. "what are those"? I asked.
"Nothing... It's nothing, she replied nonchalantly. And then she reached for something under the chair with her hands, She brought out two clutches, held them at shoulder length an tried to walk away on their support.
She had one smaller Leg and bigger one, probably shrinked from an accident or a medication, but she was extremely beautiful from the inside out. I could feel it.
Oh my, I never even knew she had a disability. She struggled with her movements and after watching her for a while, I walked up to her, held her back and walked her back to the seat.
OK Amy, you see, I don't mean to disturb you, but you don't have to let anyone decide the way you feel.
You're a very beautiful woman and I want you to know that. I saw a bit of your hand writing and from how pretty they were, I could tell you're a genius. Honestly I've never seen a woman who's as beautiful and as strong as you are, which was why I couldn't stop my self from asking to be your friend. What if I hadn't met you today, I wouldn't know that there was such an amazing person as you Amy. You are one in a million and I want you to know that.
She turned to look at me and tears rushed down her eyes. She wrapped her arms around me and....
Watch out for Episode 2
Author - Mr Awesome


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