Mr Awesome's Diary - Hidden in Smiles - Episode 8

Mr Awesome's Diary
"Hidden in Smiles"
Episode 8

She was impressed with the way I used abstracts as though they were real, and I wished she knew how serious I was about the Holy Spirit. "You're not an interesting person" she said, frowning a bit, "You are an Amazing person" she added as she beamed an Angel's smile at me. My mind got blown away by her wonderful use of what seemed like satire. We ate in between the conversation and I enjoyed every minute I spent with Amy. She was a friend I was glad I made and she was warm towards me too.

When we were done eating, I called out to the waiter and Brought out my wallet to pay the bills. Amy placed her hands across my wallet, gesturing me to hold on and allow her pay the bills. She dipped her hand in her hand bag and brought out some mints of cash and handed them to the waiter. "Thank you Amy " I said, "you've saved me some bucks". "You don't have to, we came to eat together and we can always share the bills, It doesn't have to always be on you, you're not my man after all" she smiled and asked me not to mind her jokes. I smiled too and I helped her up to her clutches as we walked out of the restaurant and she boarded a cab back In home.

In her room, lying on her many inches tall bed, Amy in her utmost happiness went through the pictures we took together during the day. the happiness in her heart made her smile from cheek to cheek. She was beginning to wonder if what she was feeling for me was love or probably a profound fondness. She couldn't define it but she knew she felt alright anytime she came around me. Amy looked through her window at the stars filled sky and each of them twinkled out a smile from her beautiful face. It was truly a feeling she had long waited to have. A feeling of being cared for, cherished and admired with utmost sincerity. But in her wildest imagination, she still couldn't understand what I truly wanted from her as I've never said anything that suggested intimacy or something beyond casual friendship. I'm sure you can relate to her plight on that particular night.

My desire to come closer to Amy and to see her become closer to the Sweet Holy Spirit of God grew endlessly. It became a mixture of Agape and Eros kind of Love that I had for her, I don't have a word for that combination, but the recipe was definitely Awesome, trust me..

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