Mr Awesomes Diary - Hidden in Smiles - Episode 12

Mr Awesome's Diary
Hidden in Smiles

Episode 12

Amy fell back to the wall feeling useless. She leaned on the wall and cried her eyes out. She couldn't fathom why Dennis treated her like a whore. "Oh, poor Amy".

What pain the beautiful woman had to go through the hands of Love gone sour.
 Amy had a lot racing through the tracks of her mind, but one thing she knew for sure was that she was done with Dennis and needed guts to make it known to him. His cruel favour had left her in debt and she was living every minute feeling indebted to a monster. 
His last comment prior to walking out on her suggested heavily that he was going to pour himself out in to her in bed that night, but that was not going to be possible as she was already feeling irritated by him. It was obvious that she needed to flee that house, else she'll risk being raped by him, again, I mean.

Amy immediately got in to her room, changed in to a better dress and made her way out of the house. Her leg was healing better, so she had no need for her clutches anymore. She leaped on one foot and supported the other with her hands on a near by object. She had no exact place in mind to go, but sleeping with Denis again was out of the equation, it's either she finds her x route or he becomes her ex already, that for her, was a major part of the equation. Amy dropped a break up note, grabbed a few clothes and walked out of the apartment with tears still rolling down her eyes as she ordered a Taxify ride to a destination that was best known to her and the driver. She was fade up with Denis and his cruelty.

Meanwhile, I was done preparing my food and then grabbed my dumbbell for some weight coiling into my arm and biceps. Apart from writing and cooking, looking fit was my next hobby and I did so with all awesomeness. After doing about a hundred coils, my arms grew weak and my muscles vibrated with vigor as streams of sweat made paths in between the lines of my chest down to my abs. It was obvious I needed to take a shower, and that I did with all diligence.
Walking out of the bathroom in my plain white robe, I grabbed a glass of chilled juice and dished out some food for myself. Just as soon as I sipped from the glass and was just about to take one spoon of the meal, "ding dong, ding dong" my door bell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone and I didn't have a girl friend who could barge in whenever she felt like. So I walked to the door and opened and there was the security man standing. "Mr Awesome, someone at the gate wants to see you, but I had to inform you first, you know we don't allow visitors in to the compound after 7pm. especially if they are not Coming in with an occupants prior notice to the security post" he said. "ehm, what's the name of the person and is it a he or a she", I asked in a funny way. "haha, oga Mr Awesome, na fine girl o, very very fine girl. But I surprise because woman never visit you for here before, for almost 1 year now, so I no understand". Jide added in warri pigeon English. Among the security guys in the compound, Jide was one very inquisitive guy and loves to feel appreciated by the occupants of the compound. Everyone treats him as a gateman, but he enjoyed the way I sat out with him most evenings, chatting and laughing. Jide wouldn't let an ant crawl in to my apartment. "Oya go carry her come", I ordered, stroking my arm with my palm and wondering who that could be. The only person I could imagine was my companies secretary who made advances at me when ever she saw me at work, "but she doesn't know where I live" I quickly dismissed. The next thought was the girl in the next compound who waited each morning to join me when I went for my road work. 
Few moments later, I stopped guessing as I lifted up my eyes towards the gate and there walked in a very gorgeous looking, leaping beautiful young lady walking behind Jude with her hands in his, to support her movement. I folded my hands and watched as she walked with so much grace despite her hurting leg, I was left with nothing but my mouth turned open in abject shock when I realized she was Amy. I was drowning in an ocean of surprises because she was the least person I expected to visit me ever.
"Oh my God, what are you doing here Amy?" I asked in the most polite way as I walked down to welcome her" I couldn't remember ever telling her where I lived. And had always wanted to keep that a secret from her. Immediately I got closer to Amy, she threw her arms around me and held on to me tightly with tears dropping down her cheeks. I held her strongly without a word and stroked her back with my hands. 
Poor Amy.... 

 See you in the next episode.

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