Mr Awesomes Diary - Hidden in Smiles - Episode 3

Mr Awesome's Diary
Hidden in Smiles
Episode 3

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At the Karaoke Bar When I was done, Amy couldn't hold back her tears, as I went on one knee, and said.... "Please be my friend Amy", Holding my hand out as if bowing my hat to Queen Elizabeth of England "When she was just 22". That woman is aged already. Haha.

"Yes"!. She screamed. And I hugged her again and everyone shouted. "Happy Birthday to you Amy". I was not very sure I made her day but I knew something became different and so we sat back and had wine together. I couldn't avoid stealing glances at her when she turned to look at the guy playing an acoustic guitar at the Karaoke lounge. She had such a beautiful soul and I wondered why she would be made to feel that bad.

As it got darker, we got ready to leave and so I carried her on my back and walked out of the Karaoke  Lounge.

I called an UBER again and paid for her fare back home. She got in to the car and Forgot her purse with me.
And I also didn't notice it was with me until I got home.

At home, I was shocked as I saw her purse with me. I tried calling her but remembered I never asked for her phone number... Oh gosh... We only agreed to meet at the walk way the following day. Curious about what had followed me home, I peeked in to the purse and then I saw the squeezed note, the pen and a little bottle. I was curious to read, but I decide not to bump in to her privacy, as that would be considered "not gentle manly."

So I layed on my bed and slept off. The next morning, I cancelled my appointments and made my way to park, sat at the flowery walk way and waited patiently for Amy. We had agreed to meet by 9am, I was 30mintues earlier and yet waited uptil 11am and Amy did not yet Join me. I prayed in my heart, hoping she was safe. Few minutes more and nothing looked like her in the serene environment, So I decided to check the purse again to know what was in it. At least to pass time with it. Only for me to open the note and discover it was a SUICIDE NOTE. She addressed it to her boyfriend, her friends and who ever would meet her dead body first. My eyes went open in shock. I was literally vibrating and got cold immediately. I took out the bottle and on it was written Sniper. Oh my God. Amy was going to commit suicide.

My heart beat raced faster and faster. I didn't know what to do. So an idea came to my head. I looked through my phone and found the uber drivers number. I called him and requested that he took to me to the same place he dropped Amy.
He drove me to her place and I rushed in to Amy's room, the one he recognized he saw her enter. I banged at the door repeatedly and there was no answer, My eyes got wet with tears as I called out "Amy, Amy, Amy". There was no answer, so I forcefully hit my self on the door and it swung open. I got inside and found Amy Lying helplessly on the floor with the necklace I had given her in her hand...

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Written by - Mr Awesome


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