Mr Awesomes Diary - Hidden in Smiles - Episode 10

Mr Awesome's Diary

Hidden in Smiles

Episode 10

She insisted on feeding me, but I refused, maintaining that she allowed me feed my self but she still did not give up on it, So we ended up running around the couch as she leaped on one foot pursuing me. After a while, I gave up on the race and allowed her to feed me. "So why did you want to see me?" I asked crossing my legs on top of each other as I sat back on the couch. "I wanted to tell you I'm considering breaking up with Derek for good. I don't think I can continue with him anymore, but I need your advice as I would be running a risk of going back to my father's house or probably getting a job to support my self". Amy said, giving me that puppy look women give when they're obviously confiding in you for a solution."mmhnn, I exhaled!, I think that's a wonderful idea, because Derek for once does not deserve you for any reason, So I support you on that." I affirmed maintaining eye contact with her. "But about getting a job, I don't think I'm comfortable with that, regarding your leg condition. I added. "and that reminds me, Why do you call going back to your fathers house a risk? "
"Not like its a risk, like risk risk" she emphasized, Just that I had some issues with my Dad when I started going out with Derek. He threatened to disown me if I didn't break up with him, So I abandoned the house and asked them never to call me again." "which is the more reason why I've found my self stuck in this mess of a supposed to be Romantic affair. I'm really really confused right now" she concluded as she buried her face in her hands and started sobbing gently. "Its ok Amy, please stop crying ok? the truth is that you need to reconnect with your family and make peace with them. That's the only way you can get over Derek quick enough. We'll figure a way out of this together, I promise you". My words seemed to make no sense to her as she seemed to get more broken and sobbed the more. I could tell she really missed her family and needed to be loved by someone special again. It was a whole load of a woman's problem that I was not ready to carry on my head, but I had to figure something out because I desperately wanted to see Amy back to who ever the happy girl she used to be was.

I drew closer to her on the couch and placed her head on my shoulder as I petted her to stop crying, stroking her hair with my fingers and patting her gently on the shoulder with the other hand. I naturally began to feel compassionate and seemingly in love with her, so much that I almost had tears running out of my eyes too. When Amy stopped crying, she clung on to me with a warm hug, very warm one. When I say warm, I mean really really warm. That type of hug that obviously makes you realize this person has a soft spot in their heart for you. I kissed her head and looked into her eyes deeply and repeated my self, "We'll figure this out, trust me". She smiled slightly and nodded in agreement. I felt I was running out of time, so I looked at my wrist watch and it was already very very late. It was gone past 11pm, just infant minutes to 12am and I needed to get home, Especially because I didn't want to leave my briefcase in the flower where I had hidden it.
"Don't tell me you're going to risk going back this night" Amy said as she noticed me looking at my wrist watch. " I really have to go Amy, I would have loved to sleep over but then, If I don't go now, I might be risking a lot of things." "But it's not safe and I'm not against you sleeping over either" she added as she persuaded me to stay back. Making a puppy eye and holding on to my shirt. "I thought of it critically again and then I objected further, cooking up more reasons why I should be on my way by that time. After listening to my cocky reasons, She looked straight into my face and said something that blew me off balance. "Don't tell me you don't trust your self enough to control yourself around a woman". she sent it down with a warm smile in to my brain, so I....

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