Mr Awesomes Diary - Hidden in Smiles - Episode 11

Mr Awesome's Diary
Hidden in Smiles

Episode 11

 I kissed her head and looked into her eyes deeply and repeated my self, "We'll figure this out, trust me". She smiled slightly and nodded in agreement. I felt I was running out of time, so I looked at my wrist watch and it was already very very late. It was gone past 11pm, just infant minutes to 12am and I needed to get home, Especially because I didn't want to leave my briefcase in the flower where I had hidden it.

"Don't tell me you're going to risk going back this night" Amy said as she noticed me looking at my wrist watch. " I really have to go Amy, I would have loved to sleep over but then, If I don't go now, I might be risking a lot of things." "But it's not safe and I'm not against you sleeping over either" she added as she persuaded me to stay back. Making a puppy eye and holding on to my shirt. "I thought of it critically again and then I objected further, cooking up more reasons why I should be on my way by that time. After listening to my cocky reasons, She looked straight into my face and said something that blew me off balance. "Don't tell me you don't trust your self enough to control yourself around a woman". she sent it down with a warm smile in to my brain and then I stood there motionless and dumb founded. "Just relax Mr Awesome, and don't be hard on your self she added as she leaping'ly advanced closer in her bid to convince me to sleep over and then immediately, the scenario between Joseph and Portiphar's wife in the Bible flashed through my mind. I only had two options in my head, "Flee and Just Flee". I guided her hands back to her space and helped her sit on the couch as it wouldn't be gentlemanly to leave her standing with her leg condition while I left. "I'm sorry but I just have to be on my way Amy" and with that, I planted a kiss on her hands and made my way out of the door.

It was a night of a cold season and water in form of mist was finely suspended  every where in the air, it was that kind of night when everyone needed something or someone to cuddle due to the cold that accompanied the cool breeze of the dark that caressed the atmosphere, causing the stars to only twinkle and wish the night was sunny. On getting outside, I observed carefully to make sure no one was watching me and then I reached for my suit and briefcase where I had hidden them in between the flowers and then ordered an UBER back home.

Every thing remained neutral between Amy and I, and I looked forward to when she would finally summon courage to call it a quit with Dennis. It wasn't for any selfish reason, at least not for any that I know. I only wanted to see her back to her normal life again. 
Dennis really had made a mess of her and my earnest desire was to see her being rebuilt to a better woman. What if she had committed her planned suicide before I met her the first time?, Dennis would have still moved on anyways!.

Slicing onions had never been one of the things I enjoyed doing, as they make me cry when I'm sincerely not emotional, but just like every other day before I cook, I find myself in a black apron, with a ball of onion and a kitchen knife gliding through it in to beautiful round and half moon shapes. "grin grin, grin grin", my phone vibrated in my pocket as I was cooking in my kitchen, it was a text from Amy and it read " Dennis is here, I'm going to tell him that I'm done with him, please pray for me, I'm scared to my bones". "You'll be fine, Just do it already" I replied.

But as I dropped the phone, I imagined in my heart what aggressive Dennis was capable of doing to Amy if she dared utter break up lines to him and then that caught my attention but she had to do it then or never. And so I continued slicing the onions.

Dennis was seated on the couch with the DSTV remote in his hands while Amy was in the kitchen cooking up guts to approach him. He had come demanding that she made him something to eat, not minding the pain he had caused her the last time. Dennis wasn't that guy who feels remorseful for hurting people as he believed his money could buy anything and anyone. "what a vain thought".
Amy's heart raced in uncountable paces and sweat dripped down her body like she had been working out. She was sore afraid of Dennis and didn't know where to start from. "

She picked up her phone and texted me again "I'm afraid, I can't do this, I'm sorry. I'm so so scared he might kill me here". "Amy, you'll be fine, I promise. Just make do with this opportunity you have now" I replied. and so she held on to the wall of the building, leaping back to the living room to meet Dennis. She stood at the entrance and watched as he sipped a glass of red wine. He noticed her presence and asked what the matter was. "I have something to say to you Dennis" she shiveringly uttered, with her lips and heart fluttering in abject fear. "and what is it? " he asked as he stood and walked closer to her. "I... I .... I" ... "You what"? He interrupted, "Dennis, I think, I... I" "Oh, I get it" Dennis interrupted again. "you're sorry for being a bad girlfriend and cheating on me right ?" "its fine I forgive you", he said in mocking tone, rubbing her two shoulders in his cupped hands. "No! that's not it" Amy protested. "Dennis, I... I" "You need money?" he mocked her again, "
"Yeah that's it, you need money right?, that's all you're good for" he said, walking angrily out of the apartment to his car. He drew his car door open and brought out a bundle of money, walked back in to the house and flung it at Amy's face. "that's it, you can have it and prepare for me when I return tonight" he added and grabbed his wallet and mobile phones and walked out on Amy to his car and drove out. "Amy fell back to the wall feeling useless. She leaned on the wall and cried her eyes out. She couldn't fathom why Dennis treated her like a whore. "Oh, poor Amy".

What pain the beautiful woman had to go through the hands of Love gone sour

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Written by : Mr Awesome


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