Mr Awesomes Diary Hidden in Smiles - Episode 9

Mr Awesome's Diary
Hidden in Smiles
Episode 9

I woke up early that morning and set off for my daily workout session. I had put on my Adidas running shoes and jogging shorts, running through the cool breeze of the morning that blew across my face, with my headphone stuck firmly to my ear to a nice soul suiting music. I had ran past my neighborhood where I saw other trainers too before I noticed a car trailing me. It seemed like the car had been following me for a very long time but I just got to notice it. So I paced up my running a little bit more than usual just to confirm my suspicion. And as I ran faster, the car also sped up to catch up with me and for each turn I took, the car made a turn too. So I became extremely conscious and I had to stop and approach who ever was driving that car. "why are you following me?" I yelled as I hit my hand on the tinted glass car. "what the hell do you want from me?" I shouted again as I waited for whoever that was in it to wind down the car window. But nothing happened, the car just parked for a while and then zoomed off again but I made sure I took note of the numbers on the number plate for security purposes.

I immediately retreated back home, made few calls, took my bath and dressed up in a black suit as I set off to work. Up till this time, I had never mentioned the kind of job I did to Amy. She didn't have a glimpse of my financial or social status. She could only make intelligent guesses as to what I could be possibly in to, But I didn't care much about that. I only wanted to build a genuine friendship with her and make sure I achieved my ultimate goal of getting her out of her toxic relationship.

On my way out, I got a text message from Amy requesting she wanted to see me that afternoon for an important discussion before she makes what she calls a tough decision. My schedule for that day was not going to permit to meet with Amy at noon as I was going to have a board meeting and other office related meetings with some people. So I ....

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