Mr Awesomes Diary Season 2 - Hidden in Smiles - Episode 4

Mr Awesome's Diary
 Season 2

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Hidden in Smiles
Episode 4

I banged at the door repeatedly and there was no answer. My eyes got wet with tears as I called out "Amy, Amy, Amy". There was no answer, so I forcefully hit my self on the door and it swung open. I got inside and found Amy Lying helplessly on the floor with the necklace I had given her in her hand... My heart beat raced faster that it missed some steps. My eyes grew cold watching Amy lie on that floor, motionless and calm. I walked slowly to her as my feet and hands trembled. I sat close to Amy and shook her arm softly, hoping she would wake up. She didn't make any move. I shook her again and this time more violently and then I cried out "Amy! Amy! No no no no, You can't do this, No Amy" a stream of tears rushed down my cheek and then all of a sudden, she blinked her eyes open, flapping her long thick black lashes back and forth in the air that they almost brushed across my face and then she turned her head and fixed a gaze at me.
The happiness that ran through me couldn't be explained even by Chimamda Adichie in all her writings. I literally felt my temperature drop to normal and my heart beat started strolling.
"hey what are you doing here? " she asked as she pulled her self up to sit. I couldn't find the right words to say, so I just said "I thought I had lost you Amy, thank God you're safe" "You thought you've lost me?" she asked widening her eyes. "uhmm, I mean, I.. I... I, I thought... " I stammered and then Amy threw her hands around my neck and clung to me. I rolled my eyes at her back regretting why I made that statement. Or "was I actually falling in love with Amy?" ( Hey, hey, don't gimmie that look, I'm not sure).
As Amy sat up, I saw her Bible which she was lying on. I looked at if for a while and smiles just flew like fairy princesses across my face and I looked back at Amy's Beautiful face. I didn't utter a word and then she said. "Yes, I love God and I read my Bible, I only got tired of life and decided to end it all in one minute, but you came through and gave me hope to see a new morning. I wouldn't have forgiven my self if I found out in hell that someone like you was in existence. Thank you Mr Awesome for stopping me from suicide even without knowing".
I held her without saying a word. In my head, I imagined if I hadn't listened to the Holy Spirit and if she had drank the poison she bought, what opportunity of holding an angel I would have been deprived of. "Everyone deserves a chance to a new morning " I said "and you Amy, is one of those people".

"I know God sent you to be my friend and I'm glad you listened" Amy said.
I smiled and wiped my eyes out.
"were you crying?" she asked curiously as she tried to move my hands away from my face. I moved my face away and then Amy kept calm and looked at me with deep feelings as tears dropped from her eyes. Maybe She had never seen anyone show such affection towards her that much and she couldn't explain why I grew to love her that much in just Less than 24 hours...

Friendship is really priceless.
I stood to my feet and helped Amy up from the floor. She reached for her clutches, but I withheld her and pulled her close to my body, gesturing with my head for her to walk with me to the couch. She smiled and leaped while I walked.

PS : (People Commit suicide for many reasons, but they all revolve around depression. But your kind words and handsome gestures can save a soul today and give them reason to smile again. Let's stop suicide together today)

As we sat on the couch, talking and laughing, I lifted her "not good" leg and placed it on my laps and shut my eyes in a prayer manner, waiting to cause healing on that leg, and then we heard voices from outside. The voice got closer and I could hear him say "Where's that Lazy girl, I bet she's still sleeping and that's why she cannot pick up my calls, where's she?" he shouted angrily. Amy looked at me and made a sad face and I knew it was her boyfriend.
Immediately he stepped in to the apartment, he saw Amy and I in that position, he paused and looked at us, and then.......

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Author - Mr Awesome


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