Mr Awesome's Diary - Season 2 - Hidden in Smiles - Episode 7

Mr Awesome's Diary - Season 2
Hidden in Smiles
Episode 7

The charm that exuded from her eyes made me feel like a hero. Her eye balls shone so much affection like she's been waiting to fall in Love with the David who would defeat her Goliath. So she stepped closer to me, Wrapped her arms around my neck and tilted her head slowly in for what I'm yet to understand. And as you know, my alarm rang me up from the dream to the 3:00am notification for my midnight prayer and study.

so the question that ran through my heart again was,, "Are you Falling in Love with Amy, already ?". That would definitely be a question time would have to help me answer in the course of time.
That midnight, I read through my books and prayed, especially for Amy. I told the Holy Spirit to teach her what real Love is and fill up the space Derek was creating in her life. Amy was a very beautiful woman and needed enough dose of respect and care from any man who would be privileged to have her affection. After I said my prayers, I laid back to sleep at about 6am.

Getting to know Amy had been a wonderful thing, we spoke more often on the phone, joked like friends and went out together. I made sure she didn't visit me all the while, not for any reason too far fetched, especially for the ones best known to me which includes not letting her know my economic state and also to avoid situations that would tempt us into intimacy and what so ever that wouldn't make the Holy Spirit happy to remain my midnight companion and my darling for life.

I was carefully avoiding to over step boundaries and so we kept on going to see movies, eat at restaurants and visit some nice places.
One evening after seeing a particular movie, Amy and I became hungry, so we decided to Walk down to a nearby Restaurant to have dinner. She clung on to her clutches and walked by me. The restaurant was close to the cinema so we wouldn't be needing a ride. When we walked in to the slightly lit Restaurant with cool music playing in the eatery hall, couples were seated directly opposite each other at each end of the rows, Enjoying the serenity of the environment as they made their romance a worthy to write one especially as the men acted as gentlemen and the ladies patient enough to wait to be treated with so much love and affection. I loved visiting that restaurant alone as it helped me write most of my stories when I'm not about doing the corporate office thingy. It was in that same restaurant that I began writing "Hidden in Smiles", one of my Romance Novels that I was going to dedicate to Amy. and Amy was the first woman I had ever taken to that place. I and Amy sat face to face in the wooden brown chair, with a gentle yellow bulb hanging down between us, allowing us to see each others face more clearly. What a beautiful woman Amy was, She was on a side parted red gown, with her hair flowing down like a fountain behind her back. Her red lipstick made her lips appear so alluring that I couldn't wait to hear her talk to the Holy Spirit in tongues of Angels. For the first time, I looked her deep in the eyes and her eye balls were... Real eyeballs, haha, I wonder what you want to hear. Lol. Yes they were beautiful, and then in few seconds a waiter came with the menu and two glasses of local wine. Amy ticked what she wanted to eat and I selected mine too. I could see the confusion in her face as she had never eaten in a non luxurious Restaurant. She was from a Rich home and she was dating a rich idiot too. While we waited for the waiter who was supposed to wait on us, We got talking. She didn't really know me that much even though she had told me much about her self, but we've bonded like we've known each other for a long time. "Mr Awesome, you've never told me about yourself, what you do and where you're from" Amy said, raising her lashes at me and down to her glass of wine. "There's really not much interesting things to say about myself" I replied, sipping my wine slowly. "Tell me anything, Just anything" She persuaded. "OK, if you insist and then I began. "As you know, I'm a black m
an" she smiled. "I'm from the South Eastern part of Nigeria, Imo state to be precise and I'm an upcoming writer. I came from a humble background of four kids of which I'm the second. I live somewhere uptown and I don't have a real job, a real car or a real life. That is who I am, so... ". She stared at me with so much Awe and I couldn't fathom what was going on in her mind. I didn't know if she was stunned or if she was disappointed or even if she was beginning to like me. I really didn't know. "So you mean you have nothing that is yours?" She asked "No not really, I do have some things that are mine. I have silver in the stars of the night sky, gold in the morning Sun and one more thing, I have your friendship and the relationship of the Holy Spirit." "Mhnn" she hummed, nodding her head slightly and smiling.
She was impressed with the ways I used abstracts as though they were real, and I wished she knew how serious I was about the Holy Spirit. "You're not an interesting person" she said, frowning a bit, "You are an Amazing person" she added as she beamed an Angel's smile at me....

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See you in the Next Episode.


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