Mr Awesomes Diary - Season 2 - Hidden in Smiles Episode 5

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Mr Awesome's Diary - Season 2

Hidden in Smiles
Episode 5

As we sat on the couch, talking and laughing, I lifted her "not good" leg and placed it on my laps and shut my eyes in a prayer manner, waiting to cause healing on that leg, and then we heard voices from outside. The voice got closer and I could hear him say "Where's that Lazy girl, I bet she's still sleeping and that's why she cannot pick up my calls, where's she?" he shouted angrily. Amy looked at me and made a sad face and I knew it was her boyfriend.

Immediately he stepped in to the apartment, he saw Amy and I in that position, he paused and stared at us without uttering a word for the first few seconds. Amy also stared back at him in silence and all of a sudden he started laughing. I and Amy looked at ourselves without seeming to understand what was amusing him. "so this is it huh?, this is why you ain't picking up my calls?, you've been busy throwing your godforsaken legs open for every riffraff out there in the street right?" "I beg your pardon" Amy protested. "you can't talk to me in that manner, and you can't call my friend a riffraff. You don't even know him". "It's OK Amy, I'll just step aside," I suggested. "and don't set your poverty stricken feet into this house ever again" Derek ordered me and I just stood and stared at him without saying a word. Poor me, I slowly walked out of the room and headed towards the door while Derek just fixed his gaze on me like he was going to slice my head open when I get closer.

Probably he pays for Amy's apartment and caters for most of her needs which was why he had an air of authority in all his speeches. I thought It would end in all he said to Amy, but it didn't. Outside I could still hear him shout at her "so it has gotten to this Amy, you can now bring men to sleep with you in an apartment I payed for?, "is that how loose you've become ?" He roared and roared and Amy just cried out with her tiny voice in a bid to fight back. His voice over shadowed hers and so she just cried. I felt for her and I boiled in anger to take revenge for her humiliation, but then, I could still perceive from her voice that she was in Love with him, maybe not too much, but a trace of it was left. "The same man you're accusing and insulting was the reason you could meet me here alive and you should be grateful Derek" she said angrily. "Yesterday was my birthday and you couldn't even send me a text message, you never cared to call, and you didn't come to check up on me either. He was there for me and gave me all the Happiness you could never have given to me Without asking for anything. He is ten times the man that you're not, I hate you Derek, she shouted, and then I heard a loud slap Hit someone's face and Amy's voice went mute. I perceived Something was definitely wrong and so I hurried back in to the house. on getting in, I saw Derek stepping out of the apartment with a very angry face. I didn't care to look at him, I was more concerned about Amy and so I just rushed in to check on her while Derek walked to his car, turned on the ignition and drove off.
On getting in, I could see strips of his hand on Amy's face as she laid one sided on the couch and her salty tears dripping into her mouth. She was too beautiful to be in an abusive Relationship, but I still couldn't fathom why Derek would treat her the way he does. I lifted her almost numb body and kept her on my laps as I sat on the couch. I stroked her hair and tears ran down my eyes too. I wished I could set my eyes on Derek at that point..... "it's OK Amy"... I said.
What a mess of a relationship. This part is making me cry right now as I write.
I can't continue... See you in the next Episode of "Hidden in Smiles"

PS : Many ladies are in this kind of abusive relationship for so many reasons, especially because they've lost the right to make a choice to those men through some unGodly and immoral commitments. Most times, this is not even the case. In most cases, it is because they allow a man who is not their husband to take most responsibilities for them and most
of these men become their gods and order their lives around the way they wish. Be careful. You keep your crown, you keep your dignity. Don't cast it down before any man. No matter how much you think you feel butterflies for him.

See you in Episode 6


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