Mr Awesomes Diary - Season 2 - Hidden in Smiles Episode 6

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Mr Awesome's Diary - Season 2

Hidden in Smiles

Episode 6

... I lifted her almost numb body and kept her on my laps as I sat on the couch. I stroked her hair and tears ran down my eyes too. I wished I could set my eyes on Derek at that point. "it's OK Amy"... I said.
What a mess of a relationship, I thought in my mind. Amy didn't deserve the treatment she gets from Derek, but I didn't want to talk about it with her just yet, in order not to make her cry out the tears she was hoarding, but I made a firm resolve in my heart to see to the end of that relationship and then Set Amy finally free from that kind of premarital bondage.. "I Love him" she whispered, "and that's my problem" she added as she sobbed and dipped her fingers in to her hair. I didn't say a word, I just stroked her curly virgin hair gently.

Few minutes later, she was done crying, wiped her eyes and then she said. "I'm very sorry for the way Derek reacted towards you Mr Awesome. He's a nice guy, but he can be a monster sometimes". "apologies accepted, but He doesn't have the right to lay a finger on you either". I added. "I'm also sorry for the names he called you" She said again, looking down in shame of the manner of man she had gotten herself entangled with. "Oh that? It's nothing, am I not poverty stricken?, I mean I don't ride the luxury cars he owns." I said, smiling at Amy as I insulted myself sarcastically. "hey! Don't say that", Amy intervened. "I know one day, you'll make it big too." She added. She barely even knows me, we're just less than 24hours in the knowledge of ourselves, but it feels like ages already. The thought of the word "Poverty stricken" made me smile from cheek to cheek. It didn't hurt me, it only reminded me of some pages in history and Amy admired the fact that I was strong enough not to let it get to me.
Few minutes later, I perceived I had exhausted my conversation topics with Amy, So I got up to leave. She grabbed her clutches and walked me to the door post where she hugged me and I went my way.

Back at home, I thought about Amy and how I would help her out of the relationship with Derek. I didn't want to see her cry anymore, or attempt suicide either. But I also didn't want to come off like a pest, So I really had to play safe and act with extreme Awesomeness. And about Derek, the mere thought of him as I laid on my bed to sleep made me angry and upset that I swore to avenge the ill treatments he had been giving to Amy. But that would be after I found out why exactly he lost respect for Amy and why Amy can't get over him. With all these thoughts running through my head, I laid my head to sleep.

The next morning, Amy sat on her couch when Derek walked in to her room. He had been calling her line all day but she refused to pick up, probably she was angry about the previous day, but he didn't care to find out. He just dashed in to her room and started abusing her again. He slapped her twice on the face and moved her clutches out of her hands, making her hit the floor while she was trying to strike a balance. But unfortunately for him, I was already on my way to visit Amy that very morning. So when I heard Amy's scream and shouts, my heart beat raced faster, my legs grew swifter and my hairs stood erect. I ran in to her room as fast as I could and there I saw Derek bad mouthing Amy. I couldn't bear the pain of seeing her cry, so I reached out to Derek with a Mind blowing punch on his face. He staggered back, got balance and came back to attack me. I was so fast enough that I bent in to his lower region and turned him over, making him crash land his back and then he lost consciousness. I didn't care about his state of being, I was only concerned about Amy. I reached out to her as she laid on the floor, and then I gave her a hand to get up. Surprisingly she got up without her clutches, stood on her feet and smiled at me. The charm that exuded from her eyes made me feel like a hero. Her eye balls shone so much affection like she's been waiting to fall in Love with the man who would defeat her Goliath. So she stepped closer to me, Wrapped her arms around my neck and tilted her head slowly in for what I'm yet to understand. And as you know, my alarm rang me up from the dream to the 3:00am notification for my midnight prayer and study.

so the question that ran through my heart again was,, "Are you Falling in Love with Amy, already".

let's find out in Episode 7 of Hidden in Smiles.


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