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> Writing is a Human Super Power just like creative Miracles (This one belongs to God tho).

> Writing is Sexy 

>Writers are demi gods. 

The power an average writer wields with his fingers as a magic wand cannot be overrated. 
Haven't you wondered why a small writer from the comfort of his room can decide how he wants you to feel? 
He can decide when you laugh and when you don't and he can predict what you'll do at every line of his story. 

I don't know about many other writers belief, but hey, I do know that writing is not ordinary.
OK..  Wait come with me let me take you to place you've never been.
Do you know that no one on this plannet has the creative imaginative powers that an average creative writer has? You just can't compete with it. I'm not finding the right words right now but I can choose how i want my readers to feel, just by mere imaginations.

When you say words are powerful, a writer is in the best place to give you that lecture. 
We have a way of making you cry, make you laugh, make you sad, make you crazy, get you sexually aroused, and make you hate or fall in love with who doesn't exist anywhere on earth... 

Only a writer can bring you in to his head and make you walk and step and literally feel his imaginations. Writers are demi gods. 

I can't count how many humans I've created in my head or how many many houses and forests I can take you to.

Just like the beautiful young chocolate skinned lady with almond shaped tender eyes, wavy brows and long Curled up lashes. Lips as ever succulent and lush, shiny as the unimaginable crystal of a diamond that you drool when ever you think about her lifting any of them to speak. She's dressed in a red short flay gown, allowing the firmness of her thigh and laps reflect the rays of the sun in their magnificence that leads a curve up her hips. Oh my. 

Oya come back. 

That is the power of writing. 
I just introduced you to Amy. My imaginary girl friend whom I'm writing about I'm my new story. 

Writing is a super power.

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