Gulder Ultimate Search Vs Big Brother Naija - which one do u want back on screens


Many talks have been up recently about viewers preference to the long gone Gulder Ultimate search which was an adventurous and educative reality TV program in Nigeria where young people are led in to a real forest, made to build a tent, trained on special life skills and made to solve real life tasks in the forest of which who doesn't solve it well leaves the jungle at midnight or whenever they are evicted. This show holds a lot of tension, suspense, and highered expectations for the viewers.

The Gulder Ultimate Search was the block buster for most Nigerian families and was loved by all. Having many young people who love the jungle adventure wishing to have a taste of what it feels like to live like a warrior on a mission.

This show however did not get to see the light of the day after their last edition which was as usual better than the last.

Taking over this on screens was Big brother Naija, another reality TV show where young people male and famale are locked into an apartment with highly sophisticated designs and built to relaxation standard. In the house, they are allowed and meet to mingle, live natural and to explore their sexual fantasies amongst many morally questionable activities that go on in that house.

This also has gained tons of millions of viewership and has also seen to the raising of millions of Naira by the hosts of this event. The big brother Naija has contributed immensely to the raising of some popular figures into Nigeria's hall fame amongst who are Efe, Bisola, Tboss, Miracle, Nina, Ceecee, Tacha, mercy and etc..

Even though many of them suffer short lived fame, others however has kept the hustle real and pushing harder.

News has it that the Big brother 9ja show might not be aired again and suffers threats of being replaced by another reality TV show.

So the Question I, Mr Awesome am asking is

Which is these shows would you love to have back on your screen?


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